Student Health and Counseling Offers:

  • External and Internal Condoms: available near the lobby in the Condom Corner. There are a variety of types, including external (that cover a penis) and internal (for the vagina or rectum) condoms, flavored condoms, and lube packets.
  • Birth Control Counseling:
    • SHAC medical providers meet with students to help them understand options and choose a method that best meets their needs.
    • IUDs and Implants are available at clinics in Northfield. SHAC can assist students to determine insurance coverage and to help make the appointment.
    • SHAC medical providers can prescribe the pill, the patch, Nuvaring, Depo Provera, diaphragms, and internal condoms for pick up at local pharmacies, or students can fill pill prescriptions directly at SHAC for $10 per pack.
  • Pregnancy Testing and Counseling. If you are worried about possible pregnancy, come talk to us.  We offer:
    • Urine pregnancy tests.
    • Information about birth control, preventing pregnancy, emergency contraception, and sexually transmitted infections.
    • Pregnancy information and resources for any pregnancy option.
  • Emergency contraception
    • Plan B can be purchased for $10 at SHAC. An appointment is not required.
    • Plan B is also available over the counter (if you’re 18 or older) from local pharmacies, at a higher price.
    • We can also provide assistance with copper IUD access as emergency contraception.

 Reasons to consider Emergency Contraception:

  • The condom broke or slipped off and one person’s semen got inside the other person’s vagina
  • You or your partner missed taking a birth control pill, or got off schedule with using the ring, patch, or Depo Provera shot
  • The diaphragm slipped out of place and one person’s semen got inside the other person’s vagina
  • No condom or other contraceptive method was used, or you’re unsure whether a condom was used

Please visit the national Planned Parenthood or websites for information regarding various birth control options, emergency contraception, and sexually transmitted infections