Scheduling an Appointment is Easy!

Medical Appointments

Medical or lab appointments can be scheduled online on the MySHAC portal or by contacting SHAC by phone (507-222-4080) or secure message.

Unsure whether you need to make a medical appointment? Call us and one of our health care providers will call you back. We also keep multiple same-day appointments available, so please reach out to us if you are unable to find an appointment online!

While your insurance plan will not be billed (there is no charge for office visits at SHAC), it’s a good idea to bring a current health insurance card to each appointment. It may be needed for laboratory tests sent off-site or for off-campus follow-up care. Our health care providers will assist you in navigating the healthcare system beyond SHAC.

Counseling Appointments

To schedule a counseling appointment, please schedule online, using the mySHAC portal (detailed instructions for online scheduling).

  • Appointments show for two weeks at a time (the current week and the week following).
    • Every Friday evening, the subsequent week’s appointments are made available for scheduling.
    • We also reserve same-day appointments each day, so if you don’t see something online, please call SHAC to see if there is same-day appointment availability.

For counseling emergencies during office hours, please call SHAC. For after-hours counseling emergencies, call 855-705-2479 to speak to an on-call licensed counselor.  SHAC’s urgent phone counseling services are available 24/7/365.

If attending your first appointment of the academic year, please know that you will have forms to fill out and this should be done prior to your appointment time on your mySHAC portal.

If you need help deciding whether to make a counseling appointment, please reach out to SHAC and we would be happy to guide you in making that decision. 

Case Management Services

Case management services with Rachel Morrison are also available for scheduling online.

Case management services include connecting students with various resources on-campus, referrals to off-campus medical and mental health providers, navigating insurance claims and medical bills. Rachel assists students with phone calls to insurance companies, patient accounts offices, and area health care facilities.

Rachel also provides “bridge” counseling services for students who may be connecting with an off campus mental health resource to avoid a lapse in care. She can also help students with complex mental or medical needs navigate their care while on campus. This guidance helps students learn tools for managing their health care independently in the future.