We are excited that you will be enrolling at Carleton and want to ensure your experience here is as positive and successful as possible. As you think about arriving on campus, there are some financial considerations you should keep in mind. The following tips will help students plan for their first term at Carleton. Please review these and if we can help clarify any of them, feel free to contact us directly.

  •  Your financial aid is not applied to your account in the Business Office until you actually arrive on campus. This includes grants, scholarships and loans. Although your aid has been awarded and you have accepted it, we are not allowed to put it onto your account until you enroll and start to attend classes. This means that you will not have access to any of your aid funds prior to the start of the term/year. If you were planning to use some of that money to get to Carleton, other arrangements will need to be made. 
  • Your student employment job will begin once you arrive on campus. The hours worked are paid to you once every two weeks. This means that your first paycheck will not be available until 2-3 weeks after you begin your employment. If you are planning on using these wages for books or personal expenses, other arrangements will need to be made until your first paycheck arrives. 
  • You should arrive on campus with some means to pay for books, supplies and some personal expenses for the first few weeks of classes. Since financial aid and work wages will not be immediately available, you need some money that can be used for start-up costs. 
  • We recommend having $200 available to help pay for these costs when you first start These funds can be in the form of cash and/or debit and credit card. This money will be used to pay for your first term books, some supplies and other personal expenses when you start at Carleton. Note that the major expenses for tuition, room and meals will be handled through your Business Office student account and financial aid award. 
  • If you are from a warmer climate, put some money aside to purchase a heavier winter coat, outerwear and boots. You will need these toward the end of the fall term, but setting aside some money for this purpose is a good idea since these items can be expensive.
  • If you expect to have trouble with these start-up costs, contact the Student Financial Services Office or Dean of Students Office to discuss your options. Do not wait until the last minute to deal with these expenses.