All enrolling students are required to pay an Enrollment Deposit of $300, which functions as a confirming admissions deposit. $250 of this total becomes a continuing enrollment deposit for subsequent years. This deposit ($250) will be returned upon graduation from the College. Any unpaid obligations to the College will be applied against this deposit at the time of graduation. The remaining $50 of the deposit is used as a lifetime transcript fee where students may request college transcripts from the Registrar without cost.

In cases of financial hardship, students may request a Promissory Note in lieu of paying all or part of the enrollment deposit. The Promissory Note can only cover a maximum of $250 of the total $300 deposit. The Promissory Note will be held until the student graduates from Carleton. At that time, the Promissory Note will be canceled. Students considered for this option must demonstrate a high level of need through the financial aid application or an objective third-party. Inquiries about obtaining an Enrollment Deposit Promissory Note may be made at the Student Financial Services Office. Note that the maximum promissory Note is $250. The additional $50 Lifetime Transcript Fee must be paid and cannot be waived. Under certain circumstances, the Transcript Fee can be charged to the student’s tuition account.

Any remaining deposit, after the Promissory Note is applied, should be paid by check or money order and sent directly to the Admissions Office. The remaining deposit should not be paid in cash, nor can it be paid electronically.

The Promissory Note may become due and payable if the student withdraws before enrolling or does so without proper notice.

If you have questions, please contact the Student Financial Services Office.