Comprehensive Fee

 Students attending Carleton pay an all-inclusive fee, called a comprehensive fee, which is regarded as an annual charge rather than the sum of charges for each term covering tuition, room, board, and student activities. There are no special fees charged for laboratory work or field trips, or for diplomas upon graduation. All students are entitled to admission without charge to most athletic contests, concerts, plays, movies, lectures and other campus events. These activities as well as subscriptions to the student publications are covered by the student activities fee.

The comprehensive fee for 2019-20 and 2020-21 is as follows:


Student Activity Fee$333
2019-20 Comprehensive Fee$71,769


Student Activity Fee$384
2019-20 Comprehensive Fee$74,499

Carleton believes that all admitted students should be able to attend regardless of their financial situation. 

Therefore, the college is committed to providing financial aid that meets the full demonstrated financial need of students for all four years. Carleton encourages students to apply for admission and financial aid before answering the question “Can we afford it?”.

For most students, costs will be an important factor as college decisions are made. However, we encourage you not to react only to our “sticker price.” Carleton’s financial assistance can make a difference and can make it affordable. So, see if Carleton will be a good college choice for you first, then we’ll work with you and your family to try to make it possible.

The above costs do not include expenses related to books and supplies, personal expenses and transportation costs. These costs will vary according to the courses taken, distance traveled and lifestyle choices.