Lighten Up Zero Waste Move Out Program

12 January 2024

Department or Office: Center for Community and Civic Engagement

Date Open: 05/27/2024

Position available: Available during Term and Break

Description: Each spring students donate unneeded items during move-out to the “Lighten Up!” sale. Lighten Up! is Carleton’s zero waste student move out program. Students donate a variety of items including; clothing, furniture, household items, bedding, books, sports equipment and more. Student workers are essential in the collection of the donated items. Student workers are responsible for collecting donated items from Pod containers and do occasional sweeps of the residence halls for donated items. The items are loaded into vans and hauled across campus to the location of the Lighten Up sale. Students will assist with the set up, sorting, and clean up of the sale. Students will work hands-on in teams of 2-3 with the Lighten Up sales manager, Custodial Services, CCCE, and volunteers working the sale.

Hours available May 27 through June 28

Application Via Google Form

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