Jevon Robinson ’22

18 February 2019

Jevon Robinson Offices: Admissions, CCCE

Blogger for Admissions, Photography Leader at Greenvale Park Community School


What do you do in these positions?

As a blogger for Admissions, I post once a week about topics that usually come to my mind by Sunday. This position allows me to find fun things to do every week and helps me track my growth at Carleton. As the photography leader at GVP Community School, I teach kids from grades 2-8 how to use a DSLR camera and how to edit photos using photoshop and other tools.

How did you get your positions?

I got the job as a blogger through the survey I completed during the summer before arriving at Carleton. I wanted another position to maximize the amount of hours I get per week. I learned about the position at Greenvale through Student Employment database. I learned more about the job through the CCCE.

What new skills have you acquired?

With my current student employment positions I learned how to properly manage my time and simplify things so others can understand.

How will your student employment experience help you in your future?

My student employment pushed me to become very social. From blogging about my personal life to working with children and alot of adults I’ve had more genuine conversations, something I didn’t do before. Additionally, now I’m more aware of behavior queues and can know when to ask certain questions or cheer someone up.

What type of person do you feel is best suited for these positions?

I think people who are looking to improve their writing skills should be a blogger for admissions. Writing in a non-academic setting consistently push you to improve and become more confident in you writing. The photography leader or any staff person at GVP Community School should really love kids. I say this because these kids spend all day in school and to come back after you need to make sure they have a good time. This means you should be a jovial person who’s willing to build strong relationship with students especially with the students of color.

What do you like best about your student employment positions?

I like that I have the best jobs on campus. In Admissions, I’m able to provide advice to prospective students while they are navigating the college admissions process. I like this because it gives me a chance to help students during the most stressful process of their lives. At Greenvale, I love that I can hang out with children and do something I really love (photography). This is the perfect break from a rigorous academic environment.

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