What is the policy on paying a student for travel time?

Travel Time & Out of Town Trips for Student Employees

Student workers are paid for their travel time within the following parameters:

  • Student workers should submit only their actual travel time on the bus in route to and from the event site.
  • Students are not paid for wait time before or after an event. Employees are paid for work performed and for time on duty.

For example, if the bus leaves at Noon for the destination, and the bus arrives at 12:30, the student is paid for the half an hour of travel time. Let’s assume the event starts at 3:00 and the student worker does not have work duties until 2:30 for set up of equipment. The student worker would not be paid for the 2 hours between 12:30-2:30.  Likewise, if the game ends at 6:00, your post-event duties end at 6:15 and the bus doesn’t arrive until 7:00, the student worker is not paid for the 45 minutes of wait time. The student is paid for the half an hour of travel time back to campus.

In this example, the student would log time worked on the date worked as follows:




  • Student workers who choose to use their own transportation to an event site, will not be paid for any of their travel time.
  • Students are not paid for meal breaks during travel.
  • Overnight trips: Student workers follow these same guidelines.

Disclaimer: These guidelines are above the FLSA requirements for compensable travel time. The College reserves the right to make changes to this guideline at its discretion.