Student is Requested for all their Hours in Multiple Positions

When a student is requested by two supervisors with both positions equaling more than the maximum number of hours allowed, Student Financial Services has to make an initial judgment call as to which position takes precedence. This usually happens when students are being assigned for the upcoming academic year. Once the academic year starts, the Work Transfer Form alleviates this problem. When determining which position to assign the student to, Student Financial Services will look at when the requests came in. Another criteria is if the position relates to their program of study or if the position requires a special skill set (i.e. math grader or tutor).

If the student wants to change the initial assignment, they have the ability to do so. But it should not be supervisors or Student Financial Services solely making that determination. Many times students are applying for and interviewing for multiple positions during spring term for the following academic year. They are “hedging their bets” so to speak. Students Financial Services and the supervisors have little way to control this. A supervisor that would like to retain the student for that position should contact the student to inquire if the student still wants to work in the position in question. I some instances, the student will want to be assigned to the position. In other instances, the student will have changed his or her mind about being assigned to that position. If the student decides to change the initial assignment, the student should communicate that decision to Student Financial Services. At that time, the system will be changed to reflect the decision.