Policy on Student Hours (Limits)

Students are limited to an average of 9-10 hours/wk for upper classes and 7-8 hours/wk for freshman.

Students going on an Off Campus Studies program have the option to work up to 15 hours per week in the two terms they are on campus (within the same academic year) to make up lost earnings. In some cases, this is not possible.  Students need to communicate with Student Financial Services to determine if this is an option.

In some cases, students can work more hours during a term as long as they reduce their hours in future terms. This arrangement MUST be communicated to and approved by the Student Financial Services Office at the beginning of the year or the term that it is happening. This needs to happen so that hours in the current or future terms can be adjusted to prevent students from working more than their awarded amount.

If a student wants to work more than 15 hours/wk, the student MUST get special approvals including authorization from the student’s academic adviser. Working more than 15 hours/wk is considered a rare exception to the normal Carleton policy outlined above and will only be granted in extraordinary circumstances.

Supervisors are required to monitor their student employees so they are not working over their scheduled hours without the proper approvals by Student Financial Services. If a supervisor allows a student to work more than their approved hours, the Student Financial Services Office will warn the supervisor and student and will closely monitor hours worked. Hours assigned in future terms will be adjusted appropriately. In the event the student continues to work more hours than is approved, the student’s position will be ended regardless of when it happens when the maximum eligibility is reached.