Online Work Transfer Process

Students initiate a transfer by going to the Student Employment  website and submitting the Work Transfer Request form which is available under “Forms for Students”.

Once the student initiates the transfer. The current supervisor receives an email saying the student is asking for a transfer. The current supervisor clicks on a link in the email and login using their normal network username and password. The current supervisor can approve or deny the request. If he/she approves it, then the new supervisor receives an email (with a link) saying there is a transfer to approve. If the current supervisor denies the request, then it goes back to the student to either do nothing or submit an update. If the student resubmits the request with corrections, then it goes through the process starting with the current supervisor.

If the new supervisor approves the transfer, then Student Employment receives an email outlining the change so it can be put into the system. If the new supervisor rejects the transfer, then it goes back to the student to do nothing or resubmit the request. If they resubmit the transfer, it then goes through the process outlined again.

Here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Student initiates request.
    • Current supervisor approves the transfer. Go to step 4.
    • Current supervisor denies request. Go to step 3.
  2. Current supervisor receives an email. Go to step 2aor 2b.
  3. Student gets an email about the denial. If student resubmits the request with corrections,go to step 2.
    • New supervisor approves the transfer. Go to step 5.
    • New supervisor denies the transfer. Go to step 3.
  4. New supervisor receives an email about the request. Go to step 4a or 4b.
  5. Student Employment receives email outlining the transfer.