How can I see my department’s student employment budget on the Hub?

You can view a department’s budget (both term and break) on the Hub. Once logged in, the Hub shows the amount charged to the budgets as of the last payroll processed along with the amount remaining for the rest of the fiscal year. You can also see a detail of the amounts charged against the budgets for each processed pay period. If you don’t have access to the student employment budget line item, talk to your supervisor and have them contact the Business Office.

To see your department’s budget do the following:

  1. Log into the Hub.
  2. On the right hand side there is a Budgeting section.
  3. Under the Budgeting Section is a link named Budget Manager Reports (direct link).
  4. Once into the Budget Manager Reports, the default chooses the current budget year. If you want to look at a prior year’s budget information, then choose the appropriate year. (fiscal year 2007-08 is 2008; 2006-07 is 2007 and so on)
  5. By default, summary is chosen. This gives you the amount budgeted, the amount charged to that budget, and the remaining monies available. If you want a pay period by pay period breakdown of the charges for both term and break budgets, then choose detail.
  6. Under Funds highlight 10.
  7. Under Source highlight the four zeros.
  8. Under Department find your department and highlight it.
  9. If you want to see a specific budget, under Expenses, choose “5130 Break ST Work” or “5140 Term St Work.” If you want to see both in the results, then do not choose either.
  10. Choose either “Browser” or “Download into an Excel Spreadsheet.” If you hit submit without choosing an option, the results will show in your browser. You are given the option of downloading results into an Excel spreadsheet on the bottom of the results pages.
  11. If you chose to view the results in summary and now want to see the details on a pay period by pay period basis, click on the blue “actual” number.