Department is depleting its Student Employment Budget faster than expected

If a department finds itself depleting its student employment budget faster than expected, there are a few options available to fund the shortfall.

  • The department can transfer funds from its term student work budget to its break student work budget or vice versa depending where the shortfall is occurring. The request should be made to the Budget Director in writing.   Make sure that the budget transfer doesn’t leave the department short funding for future terms or breaks.
  • A department can request additional funding from the Budget Director. This office keeps a small contingency for mid-year changes, however additional budget is typically reserved for changes in academic schedules.

To prevent a shortfall from happening in future fiscal years, the department should request an appropriate increase in student employment allocation for the following fiscal year. The budget request process typically occurs in February or March; Budget Managers will be notified when the request are due.  If the increase is not approved, departments are encouraged to hire within their given budget.