What is Date Knight?

A Carleton tradition where students set up blind dates for their friends, roommates, or classmates. You’ll find your date the night of the event and then you can choose between several different events and shows happening around campus. We are very excited for all the activities hosted by student organizations. Check out the full schedule below!

Poster with a schedule of events occurring during Date Knight.

How can I set up a friend?

  1. Ask for the friend’s permission before setting them up.
  2. Figure out the person who can be your friend’s date.
  3. Talk to a friend of the date and see if they would support this pairing.
  4. Complete the nomination form.

*Please note: If you are not able to submit your friend’s name, it means they have already been nominated. However, it does not mean their date is confirmed. Check back in with the person’s friend — the match that they have been nominated for may be denied. If the pairing is denied, you will be able to nominate them a second time. Please contact sao@carleton.edu with any questions.*

Poster with instructions about how to nominate and individual for a date during the Date Knight event.

How will I find out who my date is?

If you’ve been set up, you’ll receive an email with more detailed instructions on Friday, February 23, the day before Date Knight. On Saturday, you will pick up name tags from your mailbox with pairings such as “Bagel looking for Cream Cheese.” At 7:00 p.m., you’ll meet in the Great Hall and find your date using the matching name tags.


  1. Make sure you are getting consent from EVERYONE involved!
  2. Go through the date’s friend to make sure that the date has been told they are being set up, in addition to your own friend.

Put 8th Saturday in your calendar and start thinking about your plans for Date Knight!

Poster with various images with text that says Date Knight - Set your friend up with a date. February 24th at 7:00 p.m.

If you have questions, email sao@carleton.edu or drop by the Student Activities Office (Lower Sayles).