Student-Sponsored Events

The large event registration process is intended to support large events that are hosted and coordinated by chartered student organizations. Large events are defined as activities that have 25 or more individuals in attendance and/or that include alcohol. Events coordinated by Carleton affiliated offices and departments are not required to complete this process and should contact Campus Scheduling directly.

All events held on College-owned property must follow the policies and procedures outlined below, taken in part from the Student Handbook. It is assumed that sponsors of events understand and accept the conditions stated below:

  1. The sponsors of events on College property take personal responsibility to ensure that the event is run in a reasonable and safe manner. 
  2. Students recognize state and local laws pertaining to alcohol use and accept responsibility for their decisions.
  3. Individuals assume responsibility for their own actions and the actions of their guests.

Registering an Event: Student Organizations

Steps to Register an Event

  1. Determine the date, time and location of your event. The Campus Scheduling Office and the Student Activities Office are available to assist with finding the appropriate venue for your event.
  2. Make a reservation for your event. Due to space limitations, it is advisable to reserve your location as early as possible. Contact Campus Scheduling by calling x4443 or emailing
  3. If you anticipate having 25 or more guests at your event and/or alcohol present, one of the students hosting the event must complete a Large Event Registration Form (see below) in addition to making a reservation with Campus Scheduling. At least two hosts (Carleton students) from the hosting student organization are required. Please note: Friends of the hosts cannot submit the form on their behalf.
  4. If you plan to allow alcohol at your event, please read the section below entitled “Regulations For Events Where Alcohol Is Present”.
  5. After completing the Large Event Registration Form (if applicable), the Student Activities Office (or Area Director for residential space), will contact you to arrange a time to discuss your event. This meeting must take place at least 48 hours prior to your event. Please note: Some large events may have additional notification requirements and procedures, including large outdoor events. Please contact the Student Activities Office for more information.
  6. In preparation for your meeting, please be ready to discuss the following situations which could arise at your event:
    • How will you handle uninvited guests?
    • Do you know how to contact Security Services if you need help?
    • How do you respond to inappropriate behavior (vandalism, streaking, fighting, etc.)?
    • How do you respond to violations of College policies, Federal, and/or State laws?
    • How do you handle underage or intoxicated guests wanting to be served (if alcohol is present)?
    • How will you handle guests arriving with unwanted alcohol?
    • How will you handle overcrowding at your event?
    • How will you clean-up after the event? Do you need help?
    • How will you handle a noise complaint from residents or guests?
    • How will you call for medical attention if needed?
    • Is there anything we can do to help make your event a success?
  7. Finalize the logistics of your event, which may include the following:
    • Discover ways to promote your event
    • With the host’s input, the Student Activities Office will complete the Facility Set-Up Request Form at least 10 days prior to your event
    • Obtain funding for your event from CSA
    • Contact PEPS for technical assistance as needed.

General Event Regulations

Facility/Area Reservation

Before you plan an event you should reserve an appropriate venue. Due to space limitations, it is advisable to reserve your location as early as possible. Contact Campus Scheduling at x4443 or to make a reservation or for referral to the appropriate person.


There should be no overcrowding of facilities, capacity violations, or excessive noise. When reserving a location for your event, be sure to ask about capacity limits.


Events must end by 1:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays; by 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Other restrictions may apply during holidays, breaks, finals, etc. Social events are normally not allowed prior to the start of classes, after the last day of classes for the term or on Reading Days. Events with alcohol cannot be registered Sunday-Thursday or after the last day of class.

Hauntcert, Sproncert, Midwinter Ball, Rotblatt, Farmstock, New Student Week, Senior Week

College policy prohibits additional registered large events OR events with alcohol that immediately precede, follow, or coincide with large, campus-wide events. Examples include Hauncert, Sproncert, Midwinter Ball, Rotblatt, Farmstock, New Student Week, and Senior Week.

Registered events and facility reservations are not typically accepted the night before Rotblatt (beginning at 8:00 p.m. Friday) or during Rotblatt (5:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Saturday) for any event with 25 or more students in attendance or events with alcohol.


Outdoor events must be aware and meet the regulations of applicable outdoor noise ordinances.

Responsibilities of Event Hosts

When registering an event, student hosts must understand and accept the following stated conditions:

Event Sponsors…

  • must complete the online Large Event Registration Form and understand its implications and the legal responsibility they are assuming by hosting an event on College property;
  • take personal responsibility in ensuring their event proceeds in a reasonable and safe manner;
  • agree to remain sober for the duration of the event;
  • assume responsibility for their own actions and the actions of their guests;
  • should call Security for assistance if their event gets out of control or too crowded;
  • are responsible for making sure that the event area is cleaned and returned to its original condition at the conclusion of their event; and
  • are liable for any resulting damage and/or clean-up charges if the individual(s) responsible cannot be identified.

Failure to register an event or violation of any of these regulations may result in administrative or disciplinary action.

Guidelines for Alcohol

Regulations For Events Where Alcohol Is Present

  • Only persons 21 years-of-age and older may be served alcoholic beverages or have alcohol in their possession.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be available in reasonable quantities for the duration of the event. Funds to help support this requirement may be available through the CSA “Alternative Beverage Fund.” Visit the CSA website for more information.
  • Hosts must remain sober throughout the event. Hosts should not serve intoxicated persons and should, if appropriate, remove such people from the premises.
  • A carding system at the entrance to exclude uninvited and identify underage persons is required. 
  • High-risk alcohol activities such as drinking theme parties, drinking games, and progressives are inconsistent with the College’s commitment to responsible alcohol use, and are prohibited.
  • Beer bongs, funnels, or any other device to increase the consumption rate of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Hard alcohol, kegs and other common containers (e.g. punch bowls, party balls, etc.) of alcohol may be permitted at registered student events if the following two criteria are met: 1) the event is registered in advance through the Student Activities Office or Residential Life (depending upon event location), and 2) the alcohol is served by a College approved, licensed third party vendor. For the purpose of this policy, Carleton defines hard alcohol as anything other than beer, wine, or malt beverage. Note: A minimum of 10 business days is needed to make arrangements for a licensed third party vendor.
  • Open containers that contain alcohol must be kept in the space reserved for the event.
  • Event sponsor(s) must accept responsibility for abiding by all College policies, State laws, and Federal laws.

Laws and Guidelines Governing Alcohol Use

  • The provisions of Northfield city ordinances and laws of Minnesota and the United States, including the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (Public Law 101-226), shall govern. The College prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on College property or as part of any College activities.
  • Persons under 21 years of age are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages. Persons 21 years of age or older may drink alcoholic beverages at events registered in public spaces.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in any public area (residential or non-residential) without prior registration.
  • Be sure to consult Carleton College’s policy on alcohol and other drugs.

Register your large events or events with alcohol on the Events Registration Form in Presence. Once your form is completed, please schedule a required 30 minute meeting with the Assistant Director.