The posting policy is an effort to create a more effective environment for the advertising of events, activities, or services to members of the Carleton community.

Quantity of Postings

  • For Campus-Related Events: Limit of 3 posters or fliers per event/group
  • For Off-Campus Groups/Events: Limit of 2 posters or fliers per event/group

Available Posting Areas

Postings may only be placed on designated bulletin boards. Materials found on other surfaces such as doors, walls, windows, and pillars will be removed. Fines may occur if a Facilities Work Request is required for the removal of tape or tape residue from glass, paint, furniture, etc.

Bulletin boards are located:

  1. Near the Sayles-Hill Café entrance (across from Info Desk)
  2. On the stairwell near the front entrance to Sayles-Hill
  3. Outside the Post Office Door near the vending machines near the front entrance to Sayles-Hill


  • Due to space limitations, materials should be no larger than 11×17 inches
  • Please remove your posting at the conclusion of your event

The following rules apply to all materials posted in Sayles-Hill:

  • Material must promote a date specific event or service. All other items will be removed.
  • Please do not place material on top of other postings. Overlapping material will be removed.
  • Material promoting the abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs will be removed
  • Material derogatory in nature or targeting specific individuals or offices will be removed
  • Copyrighted/trademarked materials not owned by the person responsible for the posting will be removed
  • Material on doors, walls, windows, posts, benches, outside walls and pillars of buildings will be removed.

Please keep in mind that Sayles-Hill is open to the public and all material should be suitable for viewing by guests of all ages.

Please do not use chalk to mark any vertical surfaces, such as pillars or building exteriors. Such surfaces do not get washed off by rain and must be manually cleaned.