The Carleton 2033 Strategic Direction defines and reinforces the distinctive elements of excellence that will ensure Carleton’s continued success in the future. It positions Carleton as not just an exemplar but a champion of the best of liberal arts education.

The goals and actions outlined here are rooted in three core values that are central to the Carleton experience: community, curiosity, and impact. These core values chart a lifelong journey of discovery for Carls, from the moment they become part of an inclusive community, through four years of academic exploration and social development, into a future of continued growth, engagement, and impact.

These three pillars form the foundation of Carleton’s academic excellence. Increasing the competitiveness of our financial aid program and improving access ensures that we will be able to bring the best students to Carleton, regardless of their family income.

Seeding innovation and interdisciplinarity in the curriculum ensures continued creativity and growth in the academic program. Strengthening career preparation and fostering continued alumni engagement reinforces the lifetime benefits of the extraordinary liberal arts education offered at Carleton.

A Carleton education is not just about absorbing information — it is about using what you have learned, and turning knowledge into action. The strategic priorities defined in this plan will cultivate the qualities that prepare Carls to explore, engage, and ultimately transform their world. 

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