The Science Planning Group, co-chaired by Associate Professor of Chemistry Joe Chihade and Professor of Biology Fernan Jaramillo, will study the investments in facilities necessary for the College to maintain its historic leadership in undergraduate physical and biological science education.  This will involve determining the correct mix of renovating extant spaces and/or new construction to obtain needed modern, interactive teaching space, space for undergraduate and faculty research, appropriate faculty offices and infrastructure (e.g., storage and utilities), and the shared spaces we must have to drive forward interdisciplinary and cross-departmental teaching and research.

Science Planning Group Charge

Science Planning Group Members

Joe Chihade, Co-Chair, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Fernan Jaramillo, Co-Chair, Associate Dean of the College and Professor of Biology
Cam Davidson, Professor of Geology
Melissa Eblen-Zayas, Associate Professor of Physics
Eric Egge, Associate Professor of Math
Emily Kolenbrander ’14, Student
David Musicant, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Tsegaye Nega, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Mija Van der Wege, Associate Professor of Psychology
Mark Zach, Instrument Project Manager