The Core Facilities Master Planning Committee, co-chaired by Vice President and Treasurer Fred Rogers and Associate Dean of the College and Professor of Biology Fernan Jaramillo, will be responsible for considering the overarching issues such as optimal long-term overall layout of the campus. This group will also consider the recommendations of the Science Planning Group and the Music and Public Events Venues Planning Group.

Core Facilities Master Planning Charge

Core Facilities Master Planning Committee Members

Fernan Jaramillo, Co-Chair, Associate Dean of the College and Professor of Biology
Fred Rogers, Co-Chair, Vice President and Treasurer
Joe Chihade, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Gillian Fitz ’14, Student
Nathan Grawe, Associate Professor of Economics
Clara Hardy, Professor of Classics and President of the Faculty
Gayle McJunkin, Associate Vice President for External Relations and Director of Development
Steve Richardson, Director of the Arts
Melinda Russell, Professor of Music
Julie Thornton, Associate Dean of Students
Matt Weinstein ’14, Student
Gerald Young, Professor of Physical Education, Athletics and Recreation & Athletic Director