Staff Collective for Change: Conversations to Empower Antiracist Action (formerly known as SARAE) is a group welcoming all members of the Carleton staff community to participate in dialogue sparked by selected media that centers issues of racism.

Find the details for each meeting and past meetings below. ALL Carleton Staff members are welcome to attend these meetings, regardless of experience discussing issues of racism.

Discussing the Future of the Staff Collective for Change (SCC)

Tuesday, April 30, 11:00 – 12:00PM via Zoom

Throughout the year, SCC Organizers have met with Dina and CEDI to discuss how we can partner with CEDI, align our work with the IDE plan, and continue motivating and mobilizing staff at Carleton. Now, we would like to hear from YOU and gather your thoughts on the future of SCC at a meeting on Tuesday, April 30 @ 11am CT on Zoom.

How you can prepare for the meeting:

  • Review the IDE plan and specifically note where Staff are mentioned
  • Check out the SCC website to see what we’ve done in the past
  • Consider how you already engage in IDE initiatives at Carleton and how you would like to engage in the future

Stay Connected

Have you attended any of our dialogues? Please take a couple minutes to fill our our feedback form! We are always looking to improve these discussions and welcome your input. Additionally, join our email list to stay updated on SCC dates and media.

Stay Accountable

At each session, the Collective will institute a Call to Action. This will be a time where attendees will reflect on a specific action they can take to make Carleton or their broader community a more inclusive, equitable, and antiracist space.

The SCC Action Accountability Guide is meant to assist staff in completing action steps through identifying timelines, resources, and challenges associated with the action.

Resources for Continued Learning & Un-Learning

The following links were suggested by members of SCC as resources they have found helpful in their learning/unlearning journey. Depending on where folks are in their own journey, some resources may be more helpful than others. Please explore them as you see fit, and feel free to suggest the addition of any resources to SARAE leadership.

Instagram Accounts

Starting Out

Diving In

Articles & Websites

2022-23 SCC Media List



Reconnected, set the stage for the coming year of conversations. Revisited past media to generate ideas and feedback.


Accountability and Maintaining Momentum in Antiracism Work

Session Materials:



Cancelled: Discuss and reflect upon the Indigenous Elder in Residence events



Spring Cleaning – focused on current issues of personal interest to staff, sharing of resources and information, and identification of action items


VPIEC Conversation – discussed what will be important to share with the new VPIEC about SCC and the needs of Staff

Session Materials:

SCC’s Mission

Updated: September 2022

Staff Collective for Change (SCC) provides intentional, ongoing opportunities for Carleton staff to engage in dialogue around anti-racist action and expand their knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We seek to provide safe, accountable dialogue spaces to discuss pre-selected media while supplying additional resources so that each person can continue their journey of understanding difference and the importance of an inclusive community.

SCC’s Vision

Updated: September 2022

We envision a Carleton where staff are empowered to engage in the ongoing work of creating an anti-racist community by raising awareness of issues of racism on campus and beyond, expand their knowledge of disparities within our communities, and reimagine the policies, practices, and personal habits that uphold racism in our society.