The Antiracist Working Group is made up of both SAC and Forum Carleton Staff members. We aim to combat racism within the college while making space for and supporting our BIPOC staff.

Current and Past Focus Areas

  • Collecting and understanding information about hiring practices for Carleton staff and the role diversity plays
  • Advocating for BIPOC staff & staff accountability
  • Informing employees on available resources for confidential reporting
  • Compiling available trainings and resources for self-education available to staff
  • Keeping staff updated on initiatives taking place in the Carleton community
  • Serving as another avenue for staff to engage in antiracist work, in addition to CEDI
  • Providing opportunities for learning, discussion, and self-reflection

If you feel passionately about any of the above focus areas or have additional ideas this group should focus on and would like to get involved with the Antiracist Working Group, please contact Hanah Diebold (