​One of three women’s ultimate teams at Carleton, Syzygy competes at the highest level, Division I. A syzygy is the alignment of three heavenly bodies (planets, moons, stars, etc).

Syzygy, Stanford Invite 2020

Club Officers 2021-2022

  • President: Kate Lanier
  • President: Carly Campana
  • President: Allegra Johnson McKee
  • Treasurer: Lily Hurtubise
  • Treasurer: Gigi Paulig
  • Safety Officer: Allie Fridkin
  • Safety Officer: Ada Wright
  • Coach: Courtney Keisow
  • Coach: Logan Weiss

Interested in Syzygy? Contact Kate, Carly, or Allegra for more information!

2022 Practice Schedule

  • Coming Soon!

2021 Fall Competition Schedule

  • Exit 69, Sept. 25-26th
  • Northwoods Sectionals (Woodbury, MN), Oct. 16-17th
  • North Central Regionals (Ames, IA), Nov. 13-14th
  • Nationals (Norco, CA), Dec. 17-20th

2022 Competition Schedule

  • Queen City Tune Up, North Carolina Feb. 12-13th
  • Stanford Invite, California March 5-6th
  • Northwest Challenge, Seattle WA March 26-27th

2021-2022 Roster

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Club History

In 1982 the team was created, but for the first year we were known as the Marines. It started out as a womens IM team, but to be a legal team they needed a “few good men” for gender distribution. In 1983 they formed a team for intercollegiate play and the two men who had played with them at home came along to help assist in coaching. The first tournament they played was Sectionals at Carbondale Illinois. The college gave them $50 to rent a van and they drove through the night to play three games the following day. Read a more detailed history on the Syzygy website.