Club Officers 2023-24

  • Commodore: Ronnie Ross
  • Vice Commodore: Chance Tunnissen
  • Safety Officer: Julia Bartlett
  • Treasurer: Matthew Vincent 

Interested in Sailing? Please contact Ronnie Ross ( for more information!

Sailing 2008

About the Sailing Club

The Carleton Sailing Club sails and races small sailboats on nearby lake Byllesby. We have racing team which practices and competes regularly as well as many opportunities for the novice to learn the basics. Our sailing team competes in intercollegiate regattas in Minneapolis, Iowa City, Chicago and Madison, and practices twice a week. Most regattas are fleet races, but there are also a few team races. We mostly sail FJs and 420s, but we also have a few other fun boats.

If you’re interested in either racing or just learning to sail during the spring or fall contact us and get involved!

Carleton College Sailing Club Policy

Competence Ratings:

  • Novice – little or no knowledge of sailing and/or club procedures
  • Crew – Knows the parts of the boat and is able to rig an FJ and 420
  • Helmsman in Training – Able to sail between two marks, tack and jibe, and right a capsized boat
  • Qualified Helmsman – Demonstrates the ability to sail in winds 10 knots (12 mph) or higher

Safety Rules:

  • No member shall be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs when taking out a boat
  • No member shall take out a boat in severe/dangerous conditions:
    • National Weather Service small craft advisory (over 20 knots or 23 mph)
    • Thunder has been heard within the past hour
    • Water temperature is lower than 45°F
    • Unusual flooding or currents due to heavy rain or a spring thaw
    • Between sundown and dawn without proper boat lighting
    • In winds of over 15 knots (17 mph) or water temperatures under 55°F, there must be at least two boats on the water within hailing distance
  • No member shall take out an incompletely rigged or damaged boat
  • No member shall take out a boat without at least one Qualified Helmsman on the water (sailing or in the motor boat)

Club Equipment

  • A First Aid kit will be made available and maintained during all practices
  • Lost or damaged equipment will be reported to the Quartermaster or an officer
  • Members shall store equipment properly and secure all locks before leaving the boyscout area

Personal Equipment:

  • All members shall wear appropriate foul weather gear (wetsuit, drysuit, and waterproof clothing) according to water temperature and weather conditions
  • All members shall wear Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Devices, which are provided by the club, if they have not passed a swim test (50 meters followed by 2 minutes treading water), or when the water temperature is below 55°F
  • Close-toe waterproof footwear is recommended when launching and sailing


  • Emergency contact information, itinerary, and final roster shall be submitted to Aaron Chaput (Head of Club Sports) at least 24 hours before departure
  • Carleton College Club Sports Waiver Form must be completed by all members
Sailing in 2008, a great year!

Club History

Chris Reitz founded the sailing club in spring of 2001 with trips to the Cities to sail boats at the Lake Calhoun Sailing School. Since then the Sailing Club has taken 60 students sailing for their first time, and provided sailing opportunities to well over 100 students. In summer of 2002 an alumni donated a Finn sailboat which gave the club its first boat. The next year University of Minnesota loaned five FJs to the Carleton and the club began to sail regularly on Lake Byllesby.