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2021-2022 Club Officers

  • President: David Ahrens
  • Vice-President: Emma Watson
  • Treasurer: Alec Leonetti
  • Safety Officers: Oliver Tullio & Sydney Mone

Interested in the Nordic Ski Club? Contact David Ahrens for more information!

Nordic Skiiers

2021-2022 Practice Schedule

Coming Soon!

2021-2022 Roster

Coming Soon! 

2021-2022 Competition Schedule

  • TBD

 About the Nordic Ski Club

Carleton Nordic Skiing Club is for skiers of all levels. We offer:

  • Fall term workouts
  • Daily practice and beginner lessons throughout winter term
  • Transportation to ski off campus
  • One overnight training trip
  • On campus fun races
  • Transportation to citizen races for competitive skiers
  • Full sets of equipment for both skate and classic to rent

There is currently no full-time coach, but students are available to lead lessons and workouts at every practice. We invite anyone interested to join us and start loving snow!