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Club Officers 2022-2023

  • Co-President: Jace Dean
  • Co-President: Leo Jordan
  • Co-President: Sam McCarty
  • Treasurer: Robert Breyer
  • Safety Officer: Adam Rothman
  • Coach: Phil Bowen

About the Carleton Ultimate Team

In 1984, the Carleton Ultimate Team was spawned from a team named the Frisbee Union of Carleton Knights. Since the Carleton Ultimate Team’s inception, the team has steadily risen to become one of the nation’s dominant teams in college ultimate. During this growth, more and more people have shown an interest in playing for CUT. Players have included talented football players, soccer players, tennis players, cross-country runners, and, of course, high school ultimate players.

2022-23 Winter Practice Schedule

  • Monday: 8-9:30pm
  • Thursday: 9:30-11pm

*Additional practice times at dome

2022-23 Competition Schedule

  • Coming Soon!

2022-23 Roster

  • Cullen Baker
  • Jonah Barry
  • Sawyer Blair
  • Robert Breyer
  • Colin Brown
  • Daniel Chen
  • Jace Dean
  • Micheal Dreger
  • Bobby Eleveld
  • Will Flemming
  • Mauricio Badillo-Moorman
  • Clay Haddock
  • Tim Jensen
  • Fin Fuhrmann
  • Nathan Kallin
  • Quinn Lander
  • George Lefkowicz
  • Sam McCarty
  • Declan Miller
  • Leo Jordan
  • Conor Babcock-ONeill
  • Dexter Pakula
  • Nathan Parker
  • Adam Rothmen
  • Ben Scott Lewis
  • Anders Shenholm
  • Will Troop
  • Leo Xiao

  2001, 2009, 2011 and 2017 National Champions

CUT are champions