Aikido club/class wooden sword practice.

Club Officers 2023–2024

  • President: Lucie Wolf
  • Vice President: Devin Lewis
  • Treasurer: Eliza Hawthorne
  • Safety Officers: Devin Lewis, Lucie Wolf, and Eliza Hawthorne
  • Instructors: Tina Syx & Eric Schlichting

Interested in Aikido? Contact Lucie Wolf (

2023-24 Practice/Class Schedule

  • Beginner
    • Monday/Wednesday: 6:30pm-7:30pm
  • Intermediate
    • Monday/Wednesday: 7:40pm-8:30pm
  • Advanced
    • Monday/Wednesday: 8:35pm-9:35pm
  • Open Mat (all welcome!)
    • Saturdays: 1:00pm-3:00pm

All classes/practices held in the Cowling Dance Studio

2023-24 Participants

  • Tsion Alene
  • Abdullah Ansar
  • Awa Cisse
  • Bella Crum
  • Jacky Guzman Nunez
  • Lily Halpern
  • Eliza Hawthorne
  • Devin Lewis
  • Yuhe Li
  • George McAdams
  • Daniel Myer
  • Jack Nelson
  • Jamal Omosun
  • Aurelia Peterson Rajalingam
  • Nick Plaksin
  • Ryan Quinn
  • Hadi Ramazani
  • Isaac Rechtin
  • Andrew Rose
  • Jeffrey Wang
  • Jennifer Wen
  • Lucie Wolf
  • Lane Worthing
  • Tara Wright
  • Jonah Yoon
  • Aley Zimmerman Comas
  • James Zhang
  • Yiping Zou

About the Aikido Club

Based on samurai tradition along the lineage of Aiki-Jujutsu, Aikido is not strictly a martial art, but rather a Japanese budo — a martial way. This is a method of study which utilizes grappling, joint locks, and dynamic (yet safe) falling techniques toward the goals of peace, harmony, and self-improvement. Aikido classes are conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with gestures of courtesy and respect towards teachers and students that reflect Japanese culture and samurai tradition.

The movements of Aikido focus on harmony between two people. The person who applies the control or throw studies balance and focus. The person thrown or pinned studies being off-balance and helping their partner to learn. Each person practices both parts. Together, the two strive harmoniously to create a beautiful technique. Benefits of Aikido include physical fitness, challenge without competition, and elements of self-defense. Beyond the physical components, students are also immersed in a study of mindfulness, philosophy, tradition, and self-discipline in an atmosphere that lifts students beyond exercise and technique, toward a life of greater harmony.

Our instructors are Eric Schlichting and Tina Syx; ranked Senior Jun Nidan (2nd degree black belt) and Jun Shodan (first degree black belt) respectively, under Aikido Byodokai Community (ABC). All Aikido instructors are certified by the parent organization. 

This club primarily operates through a PE course, with open mat available to all on Saturdays. In addition to our weekly classes, we occasionally take trips to train at other dojos within our organization.

 Club History

If you are an alum and have more information about the history of Aikido at Carleton, please contact Aaron Chaput so that we can make our history more complete!