• Kenya
    • Kenya openData
      Governmental GIS data. Includes census information, water resources, boundaries, and more. 
      • Agency: Kenyan Government
      • Download Site: Data Catalogue
      • Note: Not all data is spatial data.
  • South Africa
    • South African Rivers
      South African drainage network.
      • Agency: Republic of South Africa
      • Download Site: Data Links


  • The Philippines
    • PhilGIS
      Data on soil, rainfall, climate, population distribution, geology, and more. 
      • Agency: The Government of the Philippines
      • Download Site: Free GIS Data
  • The United Arab Emirates
    • Abu Dhabi EnviroPortal
      Data on geology, inland water resources, transportation networks, habitat zones, and more.
      • Agency: Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi
      • Download Site: EnviroPortal


  • Australia
    • Discover Information Geographically
      Governmental GIS data on landcover, boundaries, biodiversity, elevation, and more.
      • Agency: Australian Government – Department of the Environment
      • Download Site: Data Explorer
    • Geoscience Australia
      Australian Government GIS data with geology focus. Includes topographic maps, geological data, hydrological maps etc.
      • Agency: Australian Government – Geoscience Australia
      • Download Site: Data and Publications Search
      • Note: To find the data use the product search box in the upper right corner.
    • OpenData Programme
      Open Data available from the Australian Government, including, but not limited to, soil, climate, and census data. 
      • Agency: Australian Government
      • Download Site: Available Datasets
      • Note: This link displays only shapefiles.
    • South Australia Spatial Data Downloads
      Spatial data from the state of South Australia. Data is aimed at planners. Topics include land development zones, bushfire protection areas, generalized land use, and more.
    • Queensland Government Information Service
      Data from the state of Queensland on topics including biodiversity, water resources, census data, and more.
      • Agency: Queensland Government
      • Download Site: Spatial Data Search
      • Note: All data must be ordered, but the majority of the data is free of charge. Data is delivered by e-mail.
    • Office of Environment and Heritage Spatial Data
      Spatial data from New South Wales on biodiversity, conservation resources, vegetation and soil mapping, and more.
    • Australian Antarctic Data Center
      Data from the Australian antarctic programme. Includes data sets on oceans, paleoclimate, sun-earth interactions, cryosphere, biosphere, and more.
      • Agency: Australian Government: Department of Environment and Heritage
      • Download Site: Spatial Data Access
  • New Zealand
    • LINZ Data Service
      Land information from New Zealand. Includes data on hydrography, topography, transportation networks, and more.
      • Agency: The Government of New Zealand
      • Download Site: Browse Data
    • LRIS Portal
      Land information from New Zealand with a focus on soil, ecosystems, and climatology.
      • Agency: The Government of New Zealand
      • Download Site: Browse Data
    • New Zealand Bathymetry
      250m-resolution raster bathymetry data for New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone.
      • Agency: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
      • Download Site: Get Data
    • Depart of Conservation Geoportal
      • Agency: National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
      • Conservation related datasets, including marine reserves, animal distribution, estuarine data, and more.
      • Download Site: Browse Geoportal


  • Belgium
    • Belgium Marine Data
      Data on the marine environment around Belgium including anchorage areas, navigation routes, power cables, wind farms, dredging zones, and sand banks. 
  • Denmark
    • Kortforsyningen (Map Supply)
      Data includes aerial photos, LiDAR data, historical maps and more.
      • Agency: Ministry of the Environment Geodata Board
      • Download Site: Map Supply
      • Note: Registration is required to download data. Website is in Danish.
  • Finland
    • National Land Survey of Finland
      Data includes general topographic maps (1:1,000,000 and 1:4,500,000), administrative divisions, elevations and place names and orthophotos for Finland.
  • Greece
    • Open Geodata
      Open spatial data from Greece. Data on hydrography, urban planning data, transportation networks, orthophotos, and more. 
      • Agency: General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.
      • Download Site: Geodata Portal
      • Note: The website is in Greek.
  • Ireland
    • Census Boundaries
      Boundary files for the 2006 and 2011 censuses. Other census data is available to join with the boundary files. 
    • Habitat & Species Datasets
      Data on habitats, species, designated sites. Large set of biodiversity data. Some data requires registration to download.
      • Agency: Irish National Park and Wildlife Services
      • Download Site: Maps & Data
      • Note: Some data requires registration to download.
    • Geological Survey of Ireland
      Geology data for Ireland including bedrock geology, groundwater data, quarry locations, and more.
      • Agency: Department of Communications, Energy, and Natural Resources
      • Download Site: GSI Data
    • EPA Geoportal
      Environmental data including soil, water quality, radiological data, mine information, and more.
      • Agency: Irish Environmental Protection Agency
      • Download Site: Geoportal
  • Italy
    • National Geoportal
      Spatial data from Italy. Includes data on topography, administrative boundaries, protected areas, bathymetry, erosion risk, geology, and more.
      • Agency: Ministry of the Environment and Protection of the Land and Sea
      • Download Site: Geoportal
      • Note: The main site is in English but much of the data is in Italian.
  • The Netherlands
    • National Georegister
      Geoinformation from the Netherlands. Data on transportation, boundaries, biota, elevation, and more.
      • Agency: the Cadastre, the Ministries of Infrastructure and Environment, Economic Affairs, Rijkswaterstaat and Geonovum
      • Download Site: Catalog
    • Geoportal of Overijssel
      Data from the province of Overijssel. Includes boundaries, vegetation mapping, and flora mapping.
      • Agency: The government of the province of Overijssel
      • Download Site: Geoportal
      • Note: The site is in Dutch.
  • Norway
    • Skog & Landskap
      Data includes land type, tree species, site index, reindeer data, and more.
      • Agency: Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute
      • Download Site: The Source
      • Note: The main site and the data download site are in Norwegian.
  • Portugal
    • Atlas of the Environment
      Data on physical, biological, biophysical, human, and protected environments.
      • Agency: Portuguese Environmental Agency
      • Download Site: Data Files
      • Note: The site (including data) is in Portuguese. Registration is required to download data.
  • Slovenia
    • Geoportal EARS
      Data mainly focused on water resources. Also includes soil data, boundaries, land cover change, and more.
      • Agency: Slovenian Environment Agency
      • Download Site: Geoportal
      • Note: Website is in Slovenian.
    • EIONET in Slovenia
      European Environment Information and Observation Network data. Data on waste management and pollution.  
      • Agency: Slovenian Environment Agency
      • Download Site: Data Links
      • Note: Website is in English but data is in Slovenian.
    • Geostatistical Data Base
      Demographic data including statistical regions, settlements, and municipalities.
      • Agency: Slovenian Environment Agency
      • Download Site: Data Links
      • Note: Website is in English but data is in Slovenian.
  • Spain
    • SIA
      GIS data from the Environmental Agency of Spain. Includes physical data, water resources, protected areas, risk assessments, and more. Website is in Spanish.  
      • Agency: The Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and the Environment
      • Download Site:
      • Note: Website is in Spanish
    • Andalusia Environmental Information Network
      Environmental data from Southern Spain. topography, biodiversity, forest ecosystems, climate info, and more.  
      • Agency: Junta de Andalucia – Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
      • Download Site: Data Catalog
      • Note: The website is in both Spanish and English.
    • Spacial Data Infrastructure of Navarra
      Data on urban planning, orography, land cover, transportation, biodiversity, and more.  
  • Switzerland
    • SwissTopo
      Data from the Swiss National Mapping Agency. Includes geologic maps, tectonic maps, hydrogeological maps, glacier maps, and more.  
      • Agency: Federal Office of Topography
      • Download Site: Free Geodata
  • UK
    • Ordnance Survey
      Many Ordnance Survey mapping products available in both vector and raster formats as well as detailed gazetteers, boundary datasets and post-code point locations.  
      • Agency: Great Britain’s Ordnance Survey
      • Download Site: Data Order Form
      • Note: Data is available by both DVD and download.
    • MAGIC Datastore
      Direct downloads and links to other websites that contain UK data. Includes habitat and species data, landscape data, boundaries, marine data, and more.  
    • Data.Gov UK
      Large database for UK data. Includes everything from transportation to the environment, education, and much more.  
      • Agency: Government of The UK
      • Download Site: Datasets
      • Note: Not all of the data is georeferenced.
    • Natural England
      Data on environmental boundaries. Includes nature reserves, conservation zones, sensitive areas, National Park data, habitats, and more.  
    • UK Pollution Deposition Data
      Maps of pollutant deposition across the UK for chemicals such as ammonium, nitric acid, nitrogen and sulphur dioxide.  
      • Agency: Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs
      • Download Site: Pollutant Data
    • UK Data Service
      Large database from the UK Economic and Social Research Council. 
      • Agency: Economic and Social Research Council
      • Download Site: Data Service
      • Note: Not all data is spatial.
    • London Datastore
      Open data available from the city of London. Not all data is spatial.  
      • Agency: Mayor of London and the London Assembly
      • Download Site: Datastore
      • Note: Not all of the data is spatial.

North America

  • Canada
    • GeoGratis
      Spatial data including topography, hydrology, and land capability.
    • GeoBase
      GIS data from Canada. Includes administrative boundaries, geographic names, road networks, and more.  
      • Agency: Canadian Council on Geomatics
      • Download Site: Data Access
      • Note: Registration is required in order to download data. All data is free of charge.
    • National Soil Database
      Soil maps for the whole of Canada. Includes metadata and process/methodology information.  
      • Agency: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
      • Download Site: NSDB
    • Manitoba Land Initiative
      Detailed land data from the province of Manitoba.
      • Agency: Government of Manitoba
      • Download Site: Data Warehouse
      • Note: Registration is required in order to search or download data.
    • Alberta Geological Survey
      Geological data from the province of Alberta. Includes bedrock geology, paleogeology and more.  
    • Prince Edward Island GIS Data
      Data includes basemaps, electoral data, transportation data, emergency data, and more.  
      • Agency: The Government of Prince Edward Island
      • Download Site: GIS Data Catalog
      • Note: Some data must be purchased.
    • Geomatics Yukon
      Main spatial data site for Yukon. Includes ortho-imagery, mining, geological data, forestry and much more. 
      • Agency: Yukon Government
      • Download Site: Data & Imagery
      • Note: Registration is required to download some of the data.
    • DataBC
      Detailed geological maps for the province of British Columbia. Available in shapefile and PDF formats.  

South America

  • Bolivia
    • GeoBolivia
      Open GIS data available from the Bolivian Government.
      • Agency: The Vice President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia/li>
      • Download Site: GeoPortal
      • Note: The Website is in Spanish. Registration is needed to download data, but data is free of charge.
  • Brazil
    • Brazil Geoscience Products
      Including basemaps, administrative boundaries, and land use.
      • Agency: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística
      • Download Site: English or Portuguese
      • Note: The website is in English but the data is in Portuguese.