Our program objective is to provide grammar tutorial assistance to students of SPANISH 204 and SPANISH 205.

Tutors will be expected to carry out these tasks:

  • Proofread on request written assignments. By proofread we mean read others’ written or printed material and point out errors so the writer corrects his/her own mistakes.
  • Help students understand grammatical concepts and provide practice exercises.
  • Create scenarios for students to practice the grammar point in different contexts.
  • Show students how to use and find information from different resources.

Tutors will not:

  • write your essay  
  • refine your essay so it is perfect
  • grade your essay or homework

While visiting the Tutors, we recommend that you:

  • Have your essay ready to share your screen
  • Have your professor’s instructions
  • Have specific questions that you may want to ask
  • Have motivation to improve your writing and speaking skills

Questions? Please contact Fernando Contreras.