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Questions about your Spanish homework? Want to practice your conversation skills? Make an appointment or drop in for a tutoring session at the Spanish Help Desk and meet with a Teaching Assistant (TA) in the SPAN 101-103 program! The objective of the Spanish Help Desk is to provide language support and additional practice opportunities to students in the SPAN 101-103 language sequence.

The TAs can assist you by:

  • Proofreading your written work. This means pointing out errors so you can correct your own mistakes.
  • Answering short grammar questions. Your TA will not give in-depth grammar explanations, as this is the role of your professor. If you need substantial help with grammar, please speak to your professor.
  • Providing additional practice exercises to work on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, speaking, reading, and listening
  • Helping you locate and use different learning resources
  • Chatting with you in Spanish!
  • Appointments available for in-person and virtual sessions. Drop-ins are in-person only.

Spanish Help Desk Schedule (Spring 2023)

Starts Monday 3/27| Ends Wednesday 5/31

BY APPOINTMENT(in-person or virtual)
(click here to book)
DROP-IN (in-person only)
In-person: Language Center (LDC 220)

Virtual: Zoom
(use the link in your Moodle course page)

Language Center (LDC 220)
8-10 pm
8-9pm: Emma Carlson
9-10pm: Alberto León
8-9pm: Natalie Sanchez
9-10pm: Natalie Sanchez
8-9pm: Henry Rousseau
9-10pm: Henry Rousseau
8-9pm: Natalie Sanchez
9-10pm: Aria Kischner
8-9pm: Diana Kachman
9-10pm: Diana Kachman
8-9pm: Natalie Sanchez
9-10pm: Lexi Kingma
8-9pm: Tori Gray
9-10pm: Henry Rousseau
8-9pm: Mitch Porter
9-10pm: Elena Ea
8-9pm: Diana Kachman
9-10pm: Diana Kachman
8-9pm: A.J. Ristino
9-10pm: Mikhalina Solakhava

Meet your TAs for 2022-23!

  • Andrés Bracho Valles ’24
  • Paloma Bravo ’24
  • Lillian Buchman ’24
  • Emma Carlson ’23
  • Vanessa Czerniecki ’24
  • Elena Ea ’24
  • Thomas Gatewood ’23
  • Tori Gray ’24
  • Samira Gado ’24
  • Greta Hardy-Mittell ’23
  • Diana Kachman ’23
  • Lexi Kingma ’25
  • Aria Kischner ’24
  • Alberto León ’25
  • Gieselle Mayoral ’25
  • Anderson Murphy ’23
  • Kayla Passino ’23
  • Mitch Porter ’25
  • Olivia Potter ’23
  • Aleks Prasolov ’24
  • Joe Radinsky ’23
  • Fátima Reyes ’25
  • A.J. Ristino ’24
  • Robin Rojas-Cheatham ’23
  • Henry Rousseau ’23
  • Natalie Sánchez ’24
  • Sofía Santamaría ’23
  • Mikhalina Solakhava ’23
  • Allison Teichman ’23
  • Rachel Ziems ’23

Questions? Please contact Spanish Language Program Director, Vera Coleman