Our program objective is to provide grammar tutorial assistance to students from 204-205 level classes.

Tutors will be expected to carry out these tasks:

  • Proofread on request any written assignments. By proofread we mean read others’ written or printed material and point out errors so the writer corrects his/her own mistakes.
  • Help students understand grammatical concepts and provide practice exercises.
  • Create scenarios for students to practice the grammar point in different contexts.
  • Show students how to use and find information from different resources. 

Tutors will not:

  • write your essay  
  • refine your essay so it is perfect
  • grade your essay or homework

While visiting the Tutors, we recommend that you:

  • have 2 copies of your essay printed
  • have your professor’s instructions
  • have specific questions that you may want to ask
  • have motivation to improve your writing and speaking skills


The Tutoring Program Coordinator recruits tutors every term, depending on the department’s needs

Recruitment happens in week 9.

Tutors should preferably be/have:

  • Prospective Spanish majors or minors
  • Excellent command of oral and written Spanish
  • Proficiency in grammar  
  • Passionate for the Spanish language

How to apply: