TAs are dynamic, creative, collaborative, and dependable leaders with excellent command of the Spanish language. They lead twice-weekly sessions with students in the 101-103 language sequence, provide tutoring support outside of class and participate in ongoing training and professional development activities, for a total of 7 hours per week. TAs share their passion for Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures, build positive relationships with students, and facilitate a supportive and collaborative learning community in the classroom, whether in-person or online!

TAs are trained, observed, evaluated, and supervised by Vera Coleman, Lecturer in Spanish and the Director of the Spanish Language Program.

Interested in this position? Send an e-mail to Vera Coleman.

Student Comments

“Being a TA has helped me understand the challenges others face when learning a new language, given me the skills needed to better help others, and work with other TAs who are also interested facilitating the learning of students. These are all essential skills to have as an educator.

– Claudia Hernández-Barrientos ’21

“Being a Spanish TA has allowed me to continue practicing my Spanish while getting to know a wonderful community of both other TAs and Spanish students. I have been able to improve my own Spanish while helping others and have learned a lot about teaching and language acquisition in the process.”

– Lea Winston ’22

Helping others learn Spanish is an incredible way to learn the material on a deeper level, and having several times a week when I’m not enrolled in a Spanish class. Also, you will learn a lot about how to manage a class and help others learn, which are skills that are useful in a variety of settings.”

– Sarah Newsham ’20

“The program is a great learning experience –I’ve become not only a more eloquent speaker, but learned from my peers and students how to become a leader and an exemplary figure in a classroom setting.”

– Daniel Kim Lee ’20

***Some quotes have been shortened or edited for clarity.

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