Department Chair: Humberto Huergo, Professor of Spanish

Carleton’s Spanish department seeks to provide students with proficiency in the Spanish language as well as to offer them in-depth study of Spanish literature and culture.

We offer a varied curriculum that is designed for:

  • Students who will take courses in the language sequence (Span 101-204) to fulfill the College’s language requirement
  • Students pursuing upper-division work in Spanish, a major, or a minor
  • Students who study abroad
  • Students who want to practice their language and be in touch with Hispanic cultures beyond the classroom.

Can I major in it?

Yes, Spanish is offered as both a major and a minor at Carleton.

Topics explored

Hispanic culture, history, Spanish literature, art, and film, Latin American literature, poetry, and theater. Many classes draw on other disciplines such as Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Women’s and Gender Studies, Cinema and Media Studies, and Theater.

How to get started

First-year students should take the appropriate Spanish language course(s) in order to complete the basic language sequence before moving on. Students who have tested out of the language requirement are invited to enroll in upper-level courses.

We strongly encourage any student who has studied Spanish prior to coming to Carleton to take the online placement exam