The Spanish major requires 66 credits beyond SPAN 103. 60 in Spanish at least 30 of which must be taken in Spanish at the 300-level.

  • 18 credits in Latin American Literature, film, and/or culture at the 200 or 300 level
  • 18 credits in Peninsular literature, film, and/or culture at the 200 or 300 level
  • 6 credits in literature of film in translation from a language other than Spanish
  • 18 credits in Spanish from courses number 204 or above
    • Note: Students who place out of Spanish 204 via language placement exam, AP scores, or other prematriculation work must still complete 66 credits
  • 6 credits of Spanish 400

Majors should complete no more than twelve credits in the sequence 204-219, and no more than eighteen credits from the courses number 220-299. A limit of three 200-level literature courses within the range of 220-299 guarantees that our students will proceed in a timely fashion to the upper division seminars and yet allows both flexibility and transition. All of our courses demand that students learn and apply critical skills for literary and cultural analysis. However, it is at the 300-level that our majors complete a paper that can often form the basis for the senior comprehensive project, the capstone experience in our major. All majors need to have completed two 300 level courses by spring term of their junior year.

We limit the number of non-Carleton OCS credits that can be applied to the Major to a maximum of 12, and these credits do not substitute for the 300-level courses that students must complete on campus or through the departmental OCS programs.