In addition to required course work, students who decide to major in Spanish further demonstrate their mastery of these skills in the department’s senior integrative exercise.

Expected Outcomes

With Regard to Knowledge of the Field. Majors should be able to:

  • Comprehend major currents and concerns in Hispanic literature over time.
  • Understand the nature of literary and cultural creations and phenomena within their specific context.
  • Understand and examine the continued pertinence of the primary texts within the field of Hispanic literature.

With Regard to Specific Skills of Inquiry, Analysis, and Expression. Majors should be able to:

  • Read, discuss, present, and write in the language at the level appropriate for advanced students in a B. A. program.
  • Locate (with the appropriate searching tools) and cite (in the format specified by the department or instructor) primary and secondary sources.
  • Use primary sources as evidence of thesis-driven argument.
  • Use secondary sources to situate work in the context of the discipline.
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, the results of their own research and the research of others.
  • Write thesis-driven and descriptive essays on sophisticated themes that are pertinent to the study of literature in the context of the cultures in which it is produced.
  • Recognize and understand the strategies and structures that constitute a literary text.
  • Recognize and locate individual texts within the cultural, historical, aesthetic traditions from which they arise.
  • Recognize and critically examine key assumptions underlying exemplary texts in Hispanic Literature.