The Amazing Border: Images and Realities of the US-Mexico Borderlands (10/28/16)

Spanish Careers Talk: Palmar Alvarez Blanco (01/21/16)

Prof. Fernando Contreras talks about Day of the Dead (11/02/15)

2015 talk: Ethan Bernstein (’11), Amanda Otero (’09), Andrew Boddy-Spargo (’09)


“Contextualizing Sepharad” Esther Bendahan (5/14/12)

“Di├ílogos de sordos: Debate, Documentary, and Historical Memory in Spain” by Sebastian Faber (5/19/11)

“Consideraciones Sobre el Tropiezo” by J.A. Gonzalez Sainz (10/15/10)

“Escribir desde la frontera” by Najat El Hachmi (10/30/09)

“European Identity: Reality, Fiction or Both” by Jose Ovejero (5/11/09)

“The Basque Country: Magic in the Landscape, Blood on the Street” by Paddy Woodworth (2/29/08)

“Souls in Purgatory” by Laura Freixas (11/2/07)

Jose Ovejero Lecture (4/16/07)