The SOAN Department focuses on the shared intellectual tradition and methods of sociology and cultural anthropology. Through the major, students learn to see the world with the eyes of a social scientist and are able to view human events through different lenses. Beyond foundational coursework in social thought and transformative classes that reflect student interest, SOAN majors find that sociological and anthropological knowledge prepares them for a vast array of career options.

SOAN majors are introduced to a variety of perspectives for understanding human behavior and human conditions at different levels in society, ranging from individual traditions to cultural patterns to the larger social structures of organizations. Within these studies, sociology focuses on the intersection of private and public life, while anthropology focuses on the emphasis of culture and cultural change.

The SOAN department sponsors many events for majors, faculty, and anyone else who would like to attend. These events include small group discussions, lunches with faculty members, guest speakers, and a spring picnic. If you are a SOAN major or someone who is interested in studying sociology and anthropology, the department encourages you to come to as many events as you can. They are great opportunities to get to know your fellow majors and faculty members!