The alumni listed here have volunteered to answer questions that SOAN students may have about careers or graduate school. 

Our alumni are a great resource — don’t be afraid to contact them! They can share their own experiences with you and offer information, ideas and maybe even the names of other people to contact.

When you email an alum, remember that you’re writing to someone you’ve never met.

  • Introduce yourself and explain how your interests intersect with theirs.
  • Be polite, write clearly, and take an extra moment to check your spelling and grammar.
  • Never make a request with a short deadline.
  • After you receive a response, send a thank you note! And make sure to follow up with your contact if he or she expresses interest in your progress.
  • Have fun making connections — these alumni volunteered because they want to help you.
  • For more tips on contacting alumni, read through the Career Center’s pages on networking.


Kim A. Aasland ’86


Bethany Christian School, Director of Admissions and Marketing

Gabriela M. Arteaga ’14

Sociology/Anthropology, Studio Art

City of Madison, Administrative Supervisor

Win Wen Ooi ’22

Cross-Cultural Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Arts-ED, Program Officer

Katherine R. Parsons ’20

Economics, French, Sociology/Anthropology

SCB Management Solutions, Inc., Project Manager

Krystal C. Stackhouse ’09


Genesys Works, National Director of Program Operations Strategy


Anne I. Guttridge ’18


TPT – Twin Cities PBS, Associate Producer

Elizabeth Lewis, Ph.D. ’02


Indeed, Inc., Researcher and Writer

Education (Higher Ed)

Cheryl Allendoerfer ’90


Sophie L. Glasswell ’16

Sociology/Anthropology, WGSTC

University of Minnesota, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Alec C. Morrissey ’21

Women’s and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Bates College, Admission Counselor

Beverly Nagel ’75


Carleton, Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor, Emerita (Ret.)

Joe Quick ’07

Latin American Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Lecturer of Anthropology

Dawn J. Thomas ’16


University of Washington, Nursing Student

Education (Pre K-12)

Alexander D. Kucich ’21

Spanish, Sociology/Anthropology

Americorps, Rise Program

Mara E. Pugh ’18

Women’s and Gender Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Justis K. Starks ’20

Sociology/Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Studies

South Bronx Classical Charter Schools, ClassiCorps Teaching Fellow/Grade Team Leader


Victoria H. Dan ’15


Metro Transit, Transit Planner

Government/Public Service

Hannah Nayowith ’16

Educational Studies, Sociology/Anthropology

Mondaire for Congress, Campaign Manager

Michael D. Nesbitt ’06


Federal Highway Administration, Policy and Strategy Analysis Team Lead


Mary D. Buswell ’15


Multicare – Tacoma General Hospital, Resident Physician

Apoorva A. Handigol ’19


Results for Development, Senior Program Associate

Drewallyn B. Riley, MPH ’05

Sociology/Anthropology, WGSTC

Education Development Center, Inc., Training and Technical Assistance Specialist

Ewan Scotto ’15

Sociology/Anthropology, WGSTC

Annex Teen Clinic, Patient Advocate

Joseph Sigrin ’10

Sociology/Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Studies

Season Health, Director, Enterprise Operations

Info Systems/Technology/Library

Makala B. Hieshima ’19


CrowdStrike, UX Engineer III

Other Careers

John P. Beaty ’19

History, Sociology/Anthropology

University of Iowa School of Law, JD Candidate

Melanie A. Bullock ’21

Sociology/Anthropology, Educational Studies

Phil S.C. Chan ’06

Sociology/Anthropology, Dance

Torre M. Edahl ’14

Sociology/Anthropology, Dance

Self Employed, Independent Performer and Choreographer

Jonathan E. Ice ’72


Beserat B. Kelati ’12


General Assembly, Instructor Manager

Emily M. Lamberty ’14

LTAMC, Sociology/Anthropology

Kathryn L. LeTourneau ’97


inroads, Research & Operations Director

Eve J. Liu ’20


Self Employed

Gwendolyn M. Neumeister ’12


Fairview M Health, Certified Nurse-Midwife

Katherine E. Tollefson ’99


Washington State Department of Transportation, Transportation Planner

Science/Lab Research

Hope M. Harvey ’09


University of Kentucky, Assistant Professor

Blake D. Ratner ’92


Collaborating for Resilience (CoRe), Executive Director

Carol S. Trosset ’81


Self Employed, Education Research Consultant (Ret.)

Social Service/Advocacy

Ricardo Garcia ’21

Educational Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, Spanish

Jennifer E. McCann ’00

Sociology/Anthropology, WMSTC

Baltimore City Public Schools, School Social Worker

Kristin J. Mellstrom ’94

Political Economy, Sociology/Anthropology

Hennepin County, Planning Analyst

Sarah E. Rost ’19

Sociology/Anthropology, Biochemistry

(unknown), College Coach

Lawrence Scofield ’67

Sociology/Anthropology, Psychology

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Episcopal Priest (Ret.)