Digital signage is distributed across campus in key locations to share news and get the attention of members of the Carleton community. There are several key types of information available to the signs, and most of these accept contributed information from folks all across campus.

Signs are located in Sayles-Hill Great Space, Student Activities Office, East Dining Hall, Burton Dining Hall, the Weitz Center for Creativity, Gould Library, the Science Complex and the Recreation Center, as well as other lobbies and hallways in buildings across campus.

Student Poster submissions must be approved by the Student Activities Office staff. Signage feeds are managed by the Auxiliary Services staff.


To further promote events, or to share other important information with the campus community, the signs display poster images on a daily schedule. Faculty, Staff, and Students may all submit posters to the signs.

Campus Events

Adding events to your office or department calendar, and sharing the event on the Campus Calendar will ensure it appears in the signage Event feeds. The event feeds are text-based, and scroll through the list of upcoming events.

Capture Your Carleton Photos

Any campus community member may submit photos of campus to Capture Your Carleton. Celebrate our beautiful campus or capture a memorable moment.

Signage History

Beginning in the summer of 2013, flat screen video displays were placed in strategic campus locations, and much of the College’s internal advertising, promotion, and news distribution became fully digitized. This initiative has reduced the dependence on paper as the primary medium for marketing and advertising on campus, eliminate waste caused by stuffing student post office boxes with unsolicited material, and reduce the visual clutter caused by the ubiquitous use of posters and flyers.