May 24

Green Dot 90 Minute Overview

Tue, May 24, 2022 • 12:00pm - 1:30pm (1h 30m) • Leighton 304

Green Dot is a nationally recognized bystander intervention program that focuses on building the skills needed for individuals to take action when they see instances of power-based personal violence (stalking, intimate partner violence, and sexual assault). “Green Dots” are small choices that each of us make with our words or actions which help prevent harm from occurring in our community. The Green Dot motto is, “No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.”

The overview session covers the basic principles of the Green Dot program and bystander intervention. Students who have participated in a Green Dot Overview program are encouraged to still complete the full Green Dot Bystander Intervention training.

Length: 90 minutes

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Green Dot 90 Minute Overview
  • Intended For: Students
  • Categories: Training/Orientation

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