A Sexual Misconduct Support (SMS) Adviser is available for students to provide information and support about and during the complaint process.  At the beginning of the student complaint process, each party will work with the Title IX Coordinator to select a Sexual Misconduct Support Adviser from this pool to accompany them throughout the process.

Complainants and respondents may choose advisers from outside the pool, or outside the campus community, but those advisers may not have the same level of insight and training on the campus resolution process as do those trained by the College. Outside advisers are not eligible to be trained by the College.

We welcome you to contact any of our Sexual Misconduct Support (SMS) Advisers.

SMS Advisers

Photo of Keri Asp
Keri Asp Bio
Program Director for Career Coaching
Photo of Austin Robinson-Coolidge
Austin Robinson-Coolidge Bio
Associate Registrar for Technology Operations