What is a stalking log?

A stalking log is a place to record and document all stalking-related behavior, including (but limited to): harassing phone calls, text messages, letters, e-mail messages, acts of vandalism, and threats communicated through third parties.

You may also want to attach photos, screenshots, or copies of any relevant documents.

You will want to keep your log in a physically safe place or you may want to keep it electronically and password protected.

Why keep a stalking log?

There are many benefits to maintaining a detailed stalking log, including:

  • documenting the intentional nature of the stalker’s actions
    Keeping track of all the things the stalker does will show a pattern of behavior, highlighting that the instances are intentional, not “accidental”.
  • collecting evidence
    Even if you do not want to involve the court system or Title IX at this point, having this information can be crucial if you ever do decide to pursue legal action or a formal complaint.
  • helping others understand the extent of the behavior
    Third parties may not know the stalker as well as you do and you may need to interpret the significance and impact of the behavior.
  • creating a more targeted safety plan
    Stalking logs can show patterns of behavior and might highlight areas of risk that are important to consider when creating a safety plan.