Every Community Concern Form receives some form of follow-up. Community Concern Forms related to concerns that are sexual in nature are automatically routed to the Title IX Team.  The Title IX Coordinator follows up on concerns related to students and the Title IX Deputy for Faculty/Staff follows up on concerns related to faculty, staff, and visitors. When appropriate, other staff from the College become involved in the follow-up with students or faculty/staff/visitors, depending on the nature and severity of the concern. Because each concern is unique, responses are different in nearly all situations.

Unless safety is an immediate concern, the first step in response to a Community Concern Form is to contact and follow-up with the person who submitted the form. That follow-up involves clarifying any questions about their concern and discussing possible next steps and support options for those involved.  A submitter’s desire for anonymity is honored in nearly all instances.

Below is a summary of the type of follow-up that occurs.

  • Contacting the individual submitting the community concern form (by phone or email)
  • Meeting with the individual submitting the community concern form
  • Meeting with or communicating with others (friends, witnesses, etc.) involved
  • Meeting with the individual the community concern is regarding (with notification first to the person who submitted the concern form)
  • Referring relevant parties to other support and response resources on and off campus
  • Discussing College complaint processes and options available
  • Alerting Campus Security or Northfield Police
  • Issuing a mutual No Contact Order between individuals involved
  • Making recommendations for community education efforts
  • Providing accommodations (academic, housing, etc.) to reporting party