Carleton is committed to remediating the impact that sexual misconduct has on a student’s educational experience and strives to prevent its recurrence. The Title IX Coordinator will work with a student to provide/request accommodations to reduce the impact of the experience. Some accommodations can be put in place long term while others are used temporarily while a student is seeking longer term resolution. Accommodations are treated as privately as possible, with information shared only on a need-to-know basis in order for accommodations to be effected.

Examples of campus accommodations for students may include:

  • Changes in academic/class assignments or schedules
  • Changes in living arrangements (including requests to move within on-campus housing as well as requests to provide temporary or long term on-campus housing to students who reside off-campus)
  • Changes to work or research schedules or assignments
  • Assistance in requesting academic allowances
  • Issuance of a formal request that a student cease current behaviors
  • Issuance of a mutual “No Contact Order,” a formal request that the Carleton community members involved in an incident have no contact with one another

To request these accommodations please contact the Title IX Coordinator.