Carleton faculty and staff have significant interactions with students and can play an important role in making sure that students who experience sexual misconduct are connected to resources through Title IX.

Accordingly, Carleton’s Sexual Misconduct Policy requires all faculty and staff who learn of possible policy violations to report that information either directly to the Title IX Coordinator or the Title IX Deputy for Faculty and Staff or through a Community Concern Form.

Responsible Employee role

A 15 minute video is available that reviews Title IX basics, reporting requirements, and your role as a responsible employee.

Including Responsible Party Status in Your Syllabus

  • All Carleton community members are protected by the college’s Policy against Sexual Misconduct. For faculty who wish to support their students who have experienced sexual misconduct, syllabi present a unique opportunity to educate every student about their rights and resources on campus.

Confidential Resources

Carleton’s counselors and health service providers at the Student Health and Counseling Center and clergy who serve as College Chaplains are the College’s Confidential Campus Resources. Individuals involved in sexual misconduct matters may seek confidential support from these resources, who will maintain complete confidentiality of all information shared with them. Confidential Campus Resources have a responsibility to report non-personally identifiable information about sexual misconduct for the purpose of statistical reporting, as required by federal law.

Generally, climate surveys, classroom writing assignments or discussions, human subjects research, or events such as Take Back the Night marches or speak-outs do not provide notice that must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator by employees, unless the reporting party clearly indicates that they wish a report to be made. Remedial actions may result from such disclosures without formal College action.

Submit a Community Concern Form