Property Protection Tips

When leaving your room, even for a few minutes, lock the doors and windows.

Register your bicycle with Security Services and keep it locked to a bicycle rack when not in use. Recommended locks include Kryptonite, Citadel, or other similar devices.

Never leave valuable items such as purses or wallets laying out in the open in your room or vehicle while you are away.

Mark your clothing in a place other than the label with a laundry pencil or needle and thread. Don’t leave your clothing unattended in the laundry room.

Do not leave notes on your door announcing that no one is home.

Do not leave expensive items (computers, stereos, jewelry, etc.) in your room over break periods. Secure valuable items in designated storage areas or take them home.

When you are at work, never leave your purse, wallet, or other valuables in plain view on a desk or counter. Lock your valuables in your desk or closet.

Make certain that you have not left any valuables in your coat or backpack when you leave them on a coat rack.

When entering or leaving academic buildings after hours, be sure that exterior doors are locked behind you. If you are unable to secure a door, call Security Services.

Personal Safety Tips

Carleton Security provides on-campus escorts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may contact security at 507-222-4444 to request an escort.  In addition to calling the security number from a cell phone, you can use the blue emergency phones. We encourage the Carleton Community to use our security escort service. There is no charge.

We encourage students, staff, and faculty to take personal safety measures including avoiding walking alone, especially at night; being aware of one’s surroundings; not engaging when someone you don’t recognize approaches, and calling Security (x4444) or the Police (911) immediately when a suspicious circumstance presents itself.  Taking these personal security measures is empowering.

You can keep yourself and your residence hall neighbors safe by refraining from allowing unknown people access to residence halls. It is wise to lock your doors and windows when you are away from or sleeping in your room. Be careful to not allow strangers to enter your room.  If the College has contracted for service in your room, an attempt will be made to notify you in advance.

In cases involving verbal harassment, do not respond; ignore the harassment and walk away. Report the incident to Security Services.

If you receive threatening or harassing phone calls, do not say anything-hang up immediately.  If the calls continue, keep a record of the date, time, and content of each call. Report the matter to Security Services.

Exercise caution when inviting a new acquaintance into your room or if you are invited into his or her home/room.