Can I get a safety escort if I don’t feel comfortable walking by myself?

Security Services provides on-campus escorts 24 hours a day for Carleton students, faculty, and staff.

We provide a safety escort between any two locations on Carleton property and the area immediately surrounding campus. Contact Security at 507-222-4444 for an escort.

How do I register my vehicle(s) for parking?

Students apply for a vehicle permit through the Dean of Students Office.

Faculty and staff register vehicles through Campus Services.

We don’t register vehicles at Security Services.

How do I register my bicycle?

Register the bicycle online through Security Services. You will receive your registration sticker through campus mail.

How do I appeal a campus parking citation?

You should appeal your citation in person at Hoppin House. Student parking violations require an appeal within 5 days. Faculty and staff violations require an appeal within 10 days.

What should I do with a found animal?

If the animal is aggressive, in distress, or appears ill, contact Security Services at 507-222-4444. If the animal is not ill or in distress, it is best to leave it alone and let it go on its way.

Who handles lost and found property?

The College has a lost and found in Sayles-Hill at the Info Desk. You can connect the Info Desk at 507-222-4636 or by email at Occasionally people will leave found property at the security office located at Hoppin House. You can stop by or call 507-222-4444 to see if your property is with Security Services.

How can I retrieve confiscated property?

You can retrieve your property at Hoppin House. We recommend calling 507-222-4444 in advance.

I think I smell natural gas. What should I do?

Please leave the building if you are inside. During business hours, contact the Facilities Department at 507-222-4133. After hours, contact Security Services at 507-222-4444.