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Workday for Students

Navigating Workday

NOTE: Do not edit your personal information (name, address, etc) in Workday. If you do, your changes will be over-written every night. Instead, continue to use existing processes through the Registrar’s Office and the Dean of Students’ office. These processes will be integrated into Workday in 2024.

For Student Workers: Getting Paid

Additional Information

  • Your current position(s) is in Workday. If it is NOT showing, please reach out to your student supervisor(s).
  • If a position is showing on Workday that you are NOT working at, please send an email to
  • All New Hire Paperwork is started in Workday. You will present original documentation to Human Resources (Strong House) once you have completed the e-documents. Questions regarding this step can be sent to
  • Work Transfers are still completed at This will eventually move to Workday, stay tuned! Your current supervisor may have expectations and guidance for transferring from their department. Check in with your student supervisor!
  • Reminder that your student employment award is listed in your financial aid award on The Hub. You can NOT exceed this dollar amount.
  • Your student supervisor(s) is your first point of contact for your student employment questions regarding work schedule, hiring/onboarding, training, time entry, etc.
  • The student employment team is available at

Out-of-Pocket Expense Reporting in Workday

CSA Budget Management