Welcome to Workday! Workday training for HR and Finance is available right now, and training for academic functions will be added as those functions become available.

If you need accommodations, please contact Human Resources at hr@carleton.edu or 507-222-4830

How to Sign in to Workday

  1. Go to go.carleton.edu/workday or install the Workday Mobile app
  2. Enter your regular Carleton username and Password

NOTE: If you had a login that you used as a prospective employee, that username and password will no longer work after you have your regular Carleton username and password.

Finding Your Way Around Workday

NEW for Spring 2024: Advising and Registration in Workday

See our Transition Timeline so that you know which functions are moving into Workday at which point in the spring.

Student Profiles

Advising Days


Video Tutorials
Written Guides


Course Lists and Rosters (available during and after registration)

“How To” Guides

All of our Guides are available in the Help app within Workday. Here’s how to access them:

  • Use the Global Search Box at the top of every Workday page or the Workday Assistant chat function.
    • Simply search for the thing you want to know how to do, and “Articles” will guide you. Each article also provides contact information in case you’re still stuck.
    • Example: search for “Purchasing Card” to view articles about reconciling your Carleton purchasing card.
  • Use the Global Navigation Menu (3 bars at the top left the Workday screen when viewed in in a computer browser) and select the Help app.
    • Browse through guides by topic
    • Example: click into the “Workday Basics” category to view things like managing your email notifications.

The Help app is new! Over time we’ll be improving its content and search capabilities, so please use the Feedback options at the bottom of each article to help us understand what’s working well and what could be improved.

Ask a Question

We are happy to answer your questions and help you accomplish your goals!

If you didn’t find what you needed in the Help Articles and the Training:

  • Ask your question by opening a Workday Case (here is our guide on opening a Case and our guide on seeing responses to your Case in Workday). Cases will be routed to the appropriate office to answer your question.
    • Want to know which office is working on your case? Find your case in the Recent Cases section of Workday Help, click into it, and look at the Assigned To section of the Case Overview. If it says “No Assignee” then the office name in parentheses tells you which office is currently responsible for your case.
  • Reach out directly to the appropriate office listed on our Help page.