NEW! Academic Features – Spring 2024

New Academic features in Workday will roll out starting in Spring Term, 2024 and continue to roll out through Fall Term 2024.

Where will I get my Spring Term grades in 2024?

You will get these in The Hub as usual. The first time you’ll get grades in Workday will be Fall Term 2024.

This Winter we’ll register for Spring Term classes. Where will this registration happen?

You’ll do this in The Hub as usual. The first time you’ll register for classes using Workday will be during Spring Term as you register for Fall Term classes.

This Spring we’ll register for Fall Term classes. Where will this registration happen?

In Spring Term you’ll use Workday to register for your Fall Term classes.

Where will I pay my tuition bill for Spring Term?

You’ll do this in the Hub as usual. The first time you do this in Workday will be for your Fall Term tuition bill.

Where will I pay my Fall tuition bill this summer? When will this happen?

You’ll do this in Workday starting in July 2024.

Workday Overview

How will I use Workday?

All Faculty, Staff, and Students will use Workday in some capacity. Individual use will be variable based on roles and responsibilities. Workday is more secure, more intuitive, and some processes have been streamlined. Here are some of the actions you will be able to perform in Workday:

  • View and update personal employee data including compensation and benefit elections
  • Update payroll and accounts payable bank information in one place
  • Manage absences from work including time off for vacation, sabbatical, or FMLA
  • Submit time in/time out for daily work
  • Submit and approve expense reports
  • Manage procurement and supplier requests
  • Manage new hire process from recruiting to onboarding
  • Document and manage goal-setting, mid-term reviews, and performance reviews
  • Complete training and enroll in professional development courses
  • Optional use of the mobile app to manage business tasks while you are traveling or away from campus

Will I need to maintain a separate password for Workday?

No — Workday uses Single Sign-On, so your Carleton NetID and password are used to provide access.

How will security and privacy be managed in Workday?

Workday information is secure and private. Access to data is based upon Workday roles assigned in the system. For example, hiring managers are able to manage recruiting and hiring tasks inside Workday.

How will I be notified when actions need to be performed in Workday?

Workday functionality includes a personal inbox where notifications are received. Workday will notify users through an email that they have a pending task to complete in Workday. Users will need to log into Workday to complete daily tasks.

Will Workday eliminate the need to fill out paper forms?

Workday has the capacity to gather and route information via an integrated workflow engine. This will give us the opportunity to automate processes and eliminate the need to fill out paper forms. We will have some processes automated at our initial rollout in January 2023 and will work towards further automation in years to come.

If I don’t have access to an account in Workday, who should I contact?

We were not able to migrate account access from our legacy system into Workday. We have done our best, but modifications may be necessary. Please submit a Help Desk Ticket with the Title Workday Security. Our security team will review your request and provide additional instructions.

I can’t see everything in the Mobile App and/or when I’m off campus

For security reasons, we are choosing to keep some Workday activity on our secure Carleton network. If you are missing items either when you are on the mobile app or when you are using a browser when you are off campus, it is because of these configured security measures. It’s important to know that you are on the Carleton network when you are either on campus or on the VPN. herefore, you can use the VPN when you are off the Carleton campus and you’ll have access to the full breadth of Workday functionality.

Can I manage the email notifications sent by Workday?

Discover how to manage email notifications sent to your inbox from Workday.


What are the consequences of “requesting” a day off but not getting supervisor approval prior to that day?

Examples of this may include reporting past sick leave, leaving suddenly for sick leave on a particular day, and supervisor being on vacation when time off is requested. The system will allow exempt employees to request the time off after the fact. Additionally, employees can edit their submitted requests.

How do I record time off and time worked when I work over the midnight hour or over multiple payroll periods.

Employees should record their actual start and stop times.

Budget Managers

Where is my endowed or restricted account?

Operating budgets, Gifts and Grants are in separate reports in Workday, which allows us to give users better information about each different type of fund. You budget Dashboard is a great place to start.

Where is the detail from prior years?

Workday will have detailed data for the current fiscal year (FY23), and summarized data for prior years (FY22, FY21, FY20). You can still access detailed data for prior years in the Hub.

Where are my account numbers?

Workday uses Cost Centers and Worktags instead of account numbers. Here’s a guide where you can learn more about worktags.


  • Operating budgets use Cost Centers and Programs
  • Restricted accounts use Gifts or Grants
  • Faculty professional development accounts (FDA) are listed by faculty name.

I have a question about the transaction activity in my account, who should I contact?

Please direct transaction inquiries to the appropriate office: 

I need assistance with my operating budget, who should I contact?

Jane Rizzo and Kris Sharp will assist with budget inquiries

How do I request a new Worktag?

Worktag requests should be submitted as an ITS Ticket with the title “Workday Account.” The Budget and Business Office will evaluate these requests on a regular basis. We will not make changes until we have more experience with Workday Reporting. Please use a reasonable alternative from the select lists provided, and capture additional information you might need for reference in the memo fields available.

Is there a guide for Workday Worktags?

Yes — you can find a guide to Workday Worktags in our Help Center.

When should I search for Extract [insert name of Worktag]

Extract Reports were created for Carleton to more easily see all accounts associated with a particular Worktag. 

Do all current account numbers have a cost center in Workday?

No — some are Cost Centers and some are Programs

Are the Programs and Cost Centers ‘fixed’?


Is the new supplier request process moving to Workday?

The new vendor/new supplier request process has not moved to Workday. Please initiate the W-9 Request Form the Business Office Forms website Purchasing & Accounts Payable Forms to establish a new vendor/supplier.


What is a Workday Delegation?

Workday comes with a feature called Delegation which lets you assign specific tasks to another person for a specific time range. This is very helpful in particular instances such as during vacations and other outages. See our Delegations Overview guide to learn more. 

What can I delegate to someone else?

Workday provides many different types of delegation opportunities. We will have seven delegation opportunities at our initial rollout in January 2023. They are: 

Here is a guide to Delegations

Where can I find details about how to set up delegations?

We have a guide to Managing your Workday Delegations. Please note that most delegations route to your supervisor for approval.

Does a Cost Center/Gift Manager or Grant Manager need to delegate authorization to individuals who are Analysts?

Financial Analysts will have the ability to view account balances and initiate activity for their accounts. Cost Center Manager/Gift Managers and Grant Managers are responsible for review and approval of transactions. Federal Compliance requires Principal Investigator (Grant Manager) approval of all financial transactions.

Expense Reports

How are expense reports submitted in Workday?

Expense Reports are created and managed in Workday to reconcile Carleton purchasing cards or request reimbursement for out-of-pocket business expenses. An employee or student creates an Expense Report, indicates the business purpose/description, and attaches a photo of the receipt. The Expense Report is sent to the related cost center manager for electronic approval. Training resources can be found on the Business Office web page under Purchasing > Purchasing Card Program, or typing “Expense Reports” in the Workday search bar and clicking the Learning reference material results.

You can create an expense report using the Create Expense Report task in Workday, which you can initiate from the Search Bar or from a notification that you have purchasing card transactions available to reconcile.  

For more details on creating expense reports and reconciling purchasing card transactions, check out our Expense Reports training course in Workday.

Faculty Development Account

Is the Workday FDA the same as my PDA?

If you are eligible for a Professional Development Account (PDA), then your PDA is one If you are eligible for what used to be called a Professional Development Account (PDA), then what used to be your PDA is one component of your Faculty Development Account (FDA).  You will typically see these funds in the Operations and Carryover lines when you use the Faculty Development Account – Comprehensive Balance report.

Why should I include compensation and student employment in my FDA budget report?

FDA accounts are not eligible for Compensation and rarely used for Student Employment. Including these defaults in your budget review will ensure that in the unlikely event that there is an error, it is identified in a timely manner.

How do I view my FDA in Workday?

In the search bar, type fac dev and then choose the Faculty Development Account – Comprehensive Balance report from the list of reports and tasks Workday suggests.  In the dialogue box that appears after you select the report, choose the appropriate period, type your name in the Faculty Development Account field, and click OK.  

For more information about managing your FDA in Workday, check out our Faculty Development (FDA) guide in Workday.

Pay and Benefits

Will our payroll processing dates change in Workday?

Our payroll schedules remain the same. Supervisors will be expected to complete review and approval of time entry by 3:00pm on Monday.

At what point can employees update their benefits?

Enrollment periods will remain the same and open enrollment this fall will continue in our current system. Starting in January 2023, employees will be able to view their benefits through Workday and see their entire compensation and benefits package. Once the system is fully configured, employees will be able to select and manage their benefits in Workday.

How do employees request and manage time off?

All non-exempt and exempt employees can view their available time balances and log their time off in Workday. Managers can deny or approve employee requests for time off in Workday, and will have a full calendar view of their team’s planned time away from the office.

How and when can I update my direct deposit for payroll?

Your current banking information will be transferred into Workday. You will be able to easily review or update your current direct deposit using the “Update Payment Elections” once Workday is live.

How do I make changes to my direct deposit instructions?

You can change your bank account information by selecting the ‘Pay’ (wallet icon) from the universal menu and selecting ‘Payment Elections’ under ‘Actions’. You can also type ‘Maintain Payment Elections’ in the Workday search bar and enter your name. Students may elect to split their student payroll elections between their student account and a personal bank account. 

Will I be paid for missed time from a previous payroll?

Workday will allow employees to enter time for a previous pay period for up to 30 days following each pay period. These changes cannot be entered during payroll processing. Time that has not been entered within 30 days will require manual adjustment. Contact for additional support.

I missed the 3:00pm supervisor approval deadline, what should I do?

Timely approval is a critical supervisor responsibility and advance planning to avoid missing this deadline is appropriate. If you know in advance you will not be available to approve time you may Delegate Time Entry Approval to another individual who can act on your behalf. Delegation does not remove your responsibility for accurate and timely management of Team Time. 

The Payroll Specialist will monitor the approval process and attempt to contact you with additional support. Monitoring reports will document payroll processed without supervisor approvals for remedial attention. 

I will be out of the office during the payroll approval deadline, what should I do?

Identify an individual who can serve as your Delegate. Enter My Delegations in the Workday Search bar, then select Manage Delegations. Enter a Begin Date/End Date and enter the name of the person who will serve as your Delegate. You may also enter an Alternate Delegate under Do Inbox Tasks On My Behalf (select your Business Process and choose Enter Time from the select list).  Delegations must be approved by your supervisor.

Can I request a change to a leave request that has already been submitted?

Employees can request time off up to a year in advance (timing may vary based on where we are in the fiscal year). Individuals can request a change to leaves submitted if there has been a change or they were unable to take the time off.

What actions do exempt employees need to take at the end of the pay period to verify that my record of absences is ready for approval?

Starting in early January, exempt employees will manage all leaves in Workday. There are some fairly significant procedure and policy changes related to exempt leave reporting. 

  • In lieu of reporting leave used at the end of the month, employees will request planned leaves in advance. As a result, teams will have a shared leave calendar to help with planning and staffing coverage. 
  • Exempt employees will request leave in increments of one hour, which should allow more flexibility in scheduling. 
  • Accruals will also transition from days to hours, but the overall rate of accrual will remain the same. 
  • Please see these the Time Off and Leaves guide in Workday for more information on entering time off and leave hours.

Personal Information

Can employees update their personal information in Workday?

Yes, employees can view and update their personal information in Workday at any time, including preferred name, phone numbers, address, emergency contacts, and bank account information.

Students, including student employees, have the ability to update personal information in Workday. Some of this information is authoritative to Workday and other information is still authoritative in Hub/Colleague until Carleton has moved completely to Workday. For example, name, phone number, address, and other bio/demo data are authoritative in Hub/Colleague.

While students can technically update this information in Workday, it will get overwritten each night by an integration between the systems.

Should Students update demographic information in Workday? 

The only demographic information students should complete in Workday should be documentation for their student employment position and bank account information. The Hub will continue to be our official record for all other Student demographic information, with updates integrated into Workday on a daily basis until our Workday Student implementation is complete in 2024. All other student demographic information entered in Workday will be overwritten. If you have questions about where to update your demographic information, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Where do I update my bank account information in Workday?

You can access your bank account information in several ways. From your Profile, select ‘Pay’ from your menu. Then, click the ‘Payment Elections Tab’ at the top of the Screen. This will allow you to Add/Edit/Remove/View you bank information and payment elections for expense reimbursement. 

Software and Browser

If I’m using Workday in a browser (as opposed to the Mobile App), is there a preferred browser?

Workday suggests that Windows users use Chrome, Safari or Firefox, and that Android and iOS users use Chrome or Safari.

When I close my browser, does that log me out of Workday?

No. You must choose to sign out of Workday in order to completely end your Workday session. This is especially important if you are using a public/shared device.

How often does Workday get updated?

Workday releases upgrades twice a year, in March and September. These updates introduce new features that will be available to Carleton to explore. Additionally, Workday does weekly maintenance on Friday evenings that can last up to 12 hours. If this occurs, you will see a page stating that Workday is down and an estimate of how long it will be down. 

Will I be able to stay logged in to Workday all day?

No. To protect Carleton’s data, the software has an “inactivity” timeout.

If Team includes all employees including students does it include students who have elected directory suppression?

Workday is not our public directory. All employees and students are discoverable in Workday.  

When should I DENY an inbox task?

You should DENY an inbox task when the worktags are not what you would expect them to be, the attached supporting documentation is insufficient, and/or the transaction is not a qualified business expense of the college or outside the funding available in your budget.

Student Work and CSA

How are student workers and their supervisors impacted by Workday?

Students who submit hourly time will use Workday. Managers of students will approve students’ time as established by Carleton College policies. Students will view their personal information in Workday, including their payslip. Students and their managers will be supported with training.

Are student worker supervisors expected to enter student work time in Workday? 

Generally, no. Employees, including student employees, are expected to record time worked in Workday before and after each shift. The mobile app will make it a lot easier to enter time as it is worked, using either a time clock or calendar approach. Supervisors are responsible for verifying employees enter time worked to ensure timely payment in accordance with state law.

Do all Carleton Students have access to Workday?

Yes. All Carleton Students will have access to Workday. Their current access is limited to Workday HCM/Finance functionality until our Workday Student implementation is complete in 2024. 

Why does Workday indicate that I am a Student Non-Employee?

In order to provide all Students with access to Workday in advance of our Workday Student implementation in 2024, all current Students have either been hired as a Student Non-Employee (no hours/no pay) or as Student Employee with a specific position. Student Employees should enter time (and travel time when applicable) ONLY to their Student Employee position. Time entered to a Student Non-Employee position in error will not be processed.

Can a Student request a Student Account Refund in Workday?

NOT YET! Student refund requests will be included in the Workday Student implementation planned for completion in 2024. Student refund requests can be submitted by email to Note: Credit balances on student accounts created by pending aid are not eligible for reimbursement until the end of the add/drop period each term. 

I’m not a Student Employee.  Where do I update my bank account information in Workday?  

All student bank account information is maintained in Workday. Your Student Non-Employee status in Workday will allow you to add Payment Elections.

Why do I have multiple jobs in Workday?

In order to provide all Students with access to Workday in advance of our Workday Student implementation in 2024, all current Students have either been hired as a Student Non-Employee (no hours/no pay) or as Student Employee with a specific position. Student Employees should enter time (and travel time when applicable) ONLY to their Student Employee position. Time entered to a Student Non-Employee position in error will not be processed. 

In addition to the Student Non-Employee job, Carleton Students may hold multiple positions at Carleton. Your Profile will allow you to report time for each position you work. DO NOT ENTER TIME for your Student Non-Employee job. This job is not configured for payroll processing. 

Can CSA Participants submit a request for expense reimbursement in Workday?

Yes. CSA participants who incur an eligible out-of-pocket expense during participation in a CSA program can submit their expense for reimbursement with attached receipt documentation in Workday using “Create Expense Report” in the Expenses section. Their report will route to their CSA Organization Treasurer for review and approval and then to the CSA Treasurer for final review and approval prior to payment processing. Students will be able to monitor the progress of their expense reimbursement request in Workday.

What if I can’t see my CSA in Workday?

Workday security allows for only one person to be identified as the CSA Agency Manager. All CSA Agency Managers were confirmed with the CSA Treasurer before being loaded into Workday. If you think your CSA Manager has been configured in error please contact the CSA Treasurer for clarification. They will work with the Carleton Business Office to coordinate updates.