The Security Services Advisory Group (SSAG) provides insight into Security Services’ practices and presence on campus. The group serves a role in Security Services’ strategy to Connect — Engage — Develop.


The goals of the SSAG include:

  • Enhance the relationship between the Carleton Community and Security Services
  • Provide insight into Security Services projects and initiatives
  • Bring questions for security perspective on issues that affect the entire Carleton Community
  • Provide honest feedback to Security Services on security practices and presence on campus

Preferred Skills and Experience

The groups does not require any preferred skills or experience, though an interest in campus security would be helpful.

Committee Work

The committee will meet on the second and sixth Wednesday of each term.  Agendas will be determined primarily by the group’s goals and community input. The SSAG communicates to the campus community through the CSA, SAC, Forum, and other meetings as requested.  Important updates will be shared through Carleton Weekly.

Non-Exempt Staff Membership

The SSAG would like to invite SAC to elect two staff to serve the committee.  Each staff member would serve a two-year term (terms could be renewed if necessary). I would like to recommend that for 2019-20, one staff be elected for one year, and one staff be elected for two years in order to begin staggering the terms.  If we find that two staff members is too many we can engage in a conversation around reducing membership.